Charge Your Weapons: Decree & Declare!

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Matthew 18:18 (TPT)
“Receive this truth: Whatever YOU forbid on earth will be considered to be forbidden in heaven, and whatever YOU release on earth will be considered to be released in heaven.

Overarching this incredible season is the urgent call to decree Gods solutions into the earth. There’s a company arising now that as they prophesy unashamedly, and with great authority, nations awake and despair and fear will break. Spiritual problems need spiritual solutions and we carry this solution within us! Our decrees build roads in the spirit for heavens atmosphere to invade earth and solutions be made manifest and miracle turnarounds declared into existence. As we release heavens mandate, demonic strongholds are dismantling and the future is being re-written in cities and regions. Heaven is asking in 2018, can these dry bones live and a company is responding “yes”. There’s power in our faith-directed declarations, AND in our fear-directed declarations…. and so choose faith and be the voice of life over circumstances needing heavens solutions. There’s urgency right now to decree breaker-anointed words and partner with with heaven in establishing Gods heart on the earth. God is using YOU, and the momentum of multitudes rising across the nations hearing this urgent call to pray and declare heavens antidotes to earths impossibilities.

Your voice calling down heaven activates, awakens and decrees victory! Shout “it’s time!” Shout breakthrough! Shout hope! Shout heavens word! Lean in and listen for Gods heart, then boldly declare this overriding every lying tongue speaking out over regions and nations. It’s time to charge our weapons church and collectively dismantle strongholds preventing revival and transformation. It’s time to charge our weapons and fight the true enemy and not each other. There’s momentum and hope rising for unprecedented harvest and revival in our nations that must be capitalised upon. This year will see a turning of the tide. Darkness fears the company arising who’ve decided nothing is impossible and their words bring tomorrow into today.

Harvest has already begun and you are invited to participate fully this year in an avalanche of souls encountering God. Heaven is inviting you to write history. Decree, pray, declare, charge your weapons and participate as unprecedented harvest has begun, and priorities will need to reflect this.

Its not a time to be silent, it’s a time to shout and release heavens heart through every expression of prophetic unction and praise. Great explosions of creativity, favour and influence is coming upon prophetic expression. The harvest eagerly awaits hearing Gods heart and a mindset shift is required that we would realise the harvest has been made ready. Nations await our decree to come into alignment with all God is saying. I see the bride arising this year and weilding her sword with such precision, compassion and authority as she decrees “on earth as it is in heaven”! Charge your weapons church and prophesy! The “stones” will shout out from unexpected places with anointed voices cutting through darkness. God is inviting his anointed ones to influence and take the lead in defining a generation. Prophesy in every which way, but prophesy. Your declarations and creative faith exploits are completely transforming the landscape. Use God wisdom, but don’t hold back in fear or procrastination…. Prophesy His heart! Resist discouragement and fight through heaviness with praise as this is a pregnant moment to charge the heavens and decree great hope.


“Be dressed and ready for service and keep your lamps burning” Luke 12:35

Linger in the secret place for today’s manna. Current problems have current solutions. Only in the secret place will you have access to his heart, and blueprints for transformation. Current strategies, fresh anointing and new assignments are being given out. Hunger is the key that will release intimacy of His presence. To charge our weapons and release His heart accurately, we must know His heart more intimately and this is the most compelling call gripping the body in this season….. know God’s heart! God’s calling His people deeper. It’s crucial in this season to still up first love and “fall in love all over again with Jesus”,  rediscovering love for His word and His presence. The most imperative word of 2018 is BE IN LOVE WITH JESUS AND STIR UP FRESH HUNGER FOR HIS PRESENCE…. BURNING HEARTS ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS NEXT ASSIGNMENT. Whatever you do this year… Stir up and activate hunger to go deeper and “buy oil”.  Be found burning and ready!  The days are upon us where burning is required for your next assignment as lukewarm will not give access.

“DECREE a thing and it shall be ESTABLISHED….”! Job 22:28

We are charged with releasing and ESTABLISHING on earth what heavens heart is. The call is urgent to decree in every embodiment of creative declaration His promises. The enemy is prophesying daily and starving ears are listening. We must release heavens heart to the world. The power of agreement is resonating in the body to establish a new normal in every sphere of influence and hope rising to halt terrors advances and awakening sweep our nations. Impossible specialists will disrupt accepted normals, awaken contagious hope and establish a new realm of faith for a generational reformation that re-sets hearts, families and nations. Literally billions of souls await the generation arising now that will take ownership of this truth, “Ask of me for the nations”.  Charge your weapons! We are called and invited to establish new normals that disrupt the plans of the enemy and release transformational hope, that silences fear! A company of “sharp swords” are opening their mouths to declare “enough” as victories become our normal and battle weary champions are refreshed and revived.

“His delight is in the fear of the Lord,
And He shall not judge by the sight of His eyes, Nor decide by the hearing of His ears” Isaiah 11:3

Fear of the Lord will accompany Awakening and bring increased discernment and joy in this season. Fresh hunger and intimacy is opening new realms of weighty glory. This fear of the Lord released leads not to judgemental attitudes and legalism, but to greater honour, clarity of purpose and purity of passion. God is refining and bringing greater clarity to see. Caring what God thinks will eclipse caring what people think. Courage and eternal perspective will mark these ones. Discernment is a by product of fear of the Lord and both will rise in the body. This holy fire ignites compassion and “realness”, and challenges complacency. Passion for souls will infuse hearts as new dimensions of weighty glory are released. Joy that heals will be established in His house.

“The LORD is a warrior.” Exodus 15:3

A recalibration is coming on His people, that we can love the world and fight darkness in the same breath. Love will be a weapon of this warrior spirit being released. God is renewing strength to battle and His warriors will recover and rise to even greater authority.  The bride will be known as a strong warrior carrying fierce love and power. The revelation of Jesus as a mighty warrior is being restored. Jesus will be seen and known as our warrior who fights with us and for us. The revelation that He is the greatest of skilled warriors, our commander in chief and has strategic victorious-wisdom for battles, is being revealed for the current challenges. Battle roars will increasingly thunder in our gatherings releasing the Breaker! The bride is arising as the Overcomer in this season.

Even as the warrior spirit is revealed afresh, so too will our souls find deep rest that restores and invigorates. God is restoring and bringing full recovery to battle weary ones in this new depth of glory released. As your soul is restored, your vigour will return and a roar will arise from you that doesn’t deplete you, but energises you.

The Warrior God has seen the resistance and the hits you have taken. You have built pathways for others to walk on at great sacrifice to yourself and your own families at times. The Warrior would have you know He is fighting for you, and your family. Clarity, sharpness and ease of strength will return. Justice, recompense, healing and favour is opening before you and reversing effects of enemy fire.  The faze, fog, weariness and heaviness is lifting so completely that it will be as though you are waking from a long dream.  New clean air will get your creative juices flowing with such ease, and energise your soul! Divine ideas will drop and your dream life will be energising more than depleting. Acceleration is upon you so pick up your passions and charge! Run into your best days.

An army is rising of prophetic intercession that will increasingly shift nations onto a new course and breaking enemy assignments against nations, families and revival harvest. Gathering for prayer will have fresh oil and life on it, and spontaneously break out. Your voice is emboldening others bold one, so shout His goodness loud! As you see the troops gather, shout louder. Walls of impossibility are falling and shouts of praise and breaker-worship rise up. Next is a wave of  transformation and salvation in our cities so shout out in praise…. your decrees and shifting the atmosphere.

Let this hope fuel your heart and bring recovery to your soul. God has seen and is reversing works of the enemy, rewarding, restoring, rescuing & reviving you! That sounds like a lot, and it is! This season He’s moving quick to redeem the time so be prepared for fast recovery. The hits have been many, but the victories of this season will be more! Your future has nothing to do with your past, so lean into His presence and raise your expectations! This is new, so new it won’t resemble the past so open your heart to new possibilities.


The best way I can describe what I see God doing in this season with family is to say this…… God is holding a generous family feast and He’s inviting ALL his family to come sit at the same table. The diversity and number of the harvest at this feast will astound many. The Lord is gathering His family together as the Father wants “family” to bring the rest of his kids home to and so He is healing the heart of family and restoring celebration to family gatherings. Offence and bitterness is a family killer and God’s overwhelming kindness will heal many of all that inhibits healthy connection. Your family is on Gods heart and He is going after the heart of our family to restore and rescue.

God is not just restoring hearts and families though, He is restoring the mantle of family joy and celebration over His people. A true renaissance of covenant relationships, tribal connectedness, celebration, and authentic honour. The strength of standing together and need for each other as tribe is unfolding in this season.  Hunger for HOME, LIFE GIVING FAMILY CONNECTION, HEALING OF HEARTS and BELONGING is being stirred in believer and pre-believer alike. This IS GOD STIRRING HUNGER IN OUR HEARTS FOR HIM AS A FATHER, AND FOR KINGDOM FAMILY, HARVEST AND OUR HEAVENLY HOME. God created family, and He knows how to restore and revive it… watch Him trump the enemy as the mantle of life giving family is restored over His people.

Forgiveness, grace and honour will mark His home. Make room now as your family is growing as the unconnected come home. Just as any Father, God desires healthy, real family connection with his kids. New resolve to stand together is arising. This will release great healing to many family units and a wave of prodigals coming home. Celebration of others is key to a renaissance of family.

BE ON GUARD to keep your heart before the Lord, forgiving quickly and allowing His Spirit honest access to your heart.  In close relationships choose to keep small things from becoming big things. Purposefully keep short accounts with the Lord in your own heart and family, and in any situation that stings your heart.  The enemy is on the prowl looking to destroy family and so its imperative to keep our hearts open and malleable before Him in this season being quick to safeguard heart connection.

Incessant, overwhelming kindness of God is about to hunt you down and break out in your midst. God has remembered your journey and your promises. Your own harvest of promise is upon you. God kindness will speak to the deep places of your heart and restore joy. Kindness will mark Gods family and it will be remembered we have a very kind Father as He compels us to share His kindness with the lost and the found.  Watch Him win a harvest of the those considered too far gone with His great kindness.

Doors that were closed and now opening. Boldness IS key to step in. New realms of favour will come on the entrepreneur and pioneer. Fortune favours the bold like no other season… seek God and step out establishing God dreams in this pregnant atmosphere. Be cautioned to only step through that which God has for you, but when He speaks, charge.


Psalm 18 releases strategy and truth for 2018. God has heard our cry and He is coming to our rescue. He is our “RESCUE” and “SECRET STRENGTH” in 2018. His “wrap around presence” is healing, and refreshing  and re-activating you. (Read this psalm in the passion translation if possible and soak in its truth and hope for your heart in this season.)

“Suddenly the brilliance of his presence broke through” Psalm 18:12
Expect suddenlies. Revival is in the air. His presence will manifest as the Breaker and change everything in a moment. Outbreaks of glory revival and harvesters released will explode. God is bringing his kids home so make your “home” ready for expansion. Prioritise His presence and be presence driven and you will find yourself in the greatest move of God you’ve ever experienced.


Rapid change is upon us and the wineskin is transforming before our eyes. The changes are for upgrade not demise, and so do not fear the God directed transformations and repositioning (not all repositioning is a location change, some is a heart re-postioning). Stay well oiled and your heart will stay in peace. Much will look different after the winds of change have blown through, but again, this is for upgrade of glory and so do not fear change as these days are glorious. There is a changing of the guard taking place but this is not based on age or human wisdom, it is Gods doing, promoting and repositioning for best stewardship of what is to come. Many promotions and reassignments in the spirit are taking place. Be careful not to judge quickly as things change and new assignments are given, or you will judge unfinished stories.  Exceptional stories of redemption and miraculous breakthrough are arising just now. Great shaking in the world will continue, but again, don’t fear the shaking as you are planted in an unshakable God who is upgrading and positioning you for the greatest of harvests you’ve ever had. The only thing to fear is not being fully surrendered to God and there is grace and kindness to run into His open arms in this season. Speak peace to your heart.  I saw in a vision for 2018 new technology that allowed for ease of harvest and helped shape the new wineskin. (I wish I had seen more… I just knew that God was raising up new ways to communicate and facilitate harvest)

There is a weighty warning in the spirit to partner with what heaven is saying, and NOT what the enemy is saying and empower his schemes. This requires great resolve not to partner with the voice, strategies and divisiveness of the enemy… resist the enemies plans at all cost! The enemy wants to incite civil war in the body and destroy hubs of revival and families, so harvest is left to rot rather than harvested… do not partner with this spirit. God is raising up a new normal of celebrating what He IS doing and NOT attacking where there is lack. New faith precedents are being established so decree all things are possible. Decree protection of the harvest and protection of the harvesters. Prayer and decree are essential for the fullness of this season to unfold.

The hits have been many, but the victories will be far more in this season. Decree an unprecedented awakening and harvest in your nation, and family… it’s time. Declare victory!

Take out your promises and declare them out loud till your own heart hopes again. God is reversing the works of the enemy and restoring and completing half manifested promise…. so shout as the walls and strongholds are coming down!!! Agree with heaven and not with fear as your time is now and now is your time, so be ready as it’s all happening quickly. Decree life over yourself! Decree a year of awe and wonder! Decree a divine re-set! Decree your harvest.


Charge those weapons and release life! Our voices, our prayers, our decrees, our worship, our prophetic declarations…. these are our weapons of warfare and it’s time to pick them up and fight again. Charge your weapons and decree! These are days of mighty miraculous rescue and you are alive and an integral part of this next great awakening. Where healing of heart and hopes is needed, run to the secret place and receive from life restoring water, but don’t miss the greatest season of awakening and harvest that is unfolding now!

Yes warriors…. Charge your weapons. Declare with all your heart and fight with the weapons of warfare that you were born to release on the earth…. but be you in the fullness of who you are created to be this year. Dream, decree, write, pray, design, plan, build, create, paint, dance, reform, praise, shout… whatever you do RELEASE AND DECLARE HEAVEN NOW. Don’t hold back! Charge! Prophesy in your unique capacity but prophesy to a world that needs hope that rescue is here and establish God solutions. The time is now and dreams are becoming history.

Blessings on you as you raise your weapons and declare.

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries

(My heart is that these are useful for you as you step into 2018. Read them out loud and let your spirit be stirred. Feel free to add to these and write your own based on what heaven is releasing in your life, family and nation)

Matthew 18:18 (TPT) says…
“Receive this truth: Whatever YOU forbid on earth will be considered to be forbidden in heaven, and whatever YOU release on earth will be considered to be released in heaven.”

I receive this truth and I partner with heaven on purpose as I pray and decree this year to establish on earth what heaven is releasing in my nation and my family.

💥 My voice is powerful and my decrees shape nations. My prayers are anointed and my declarations shift circumstances.
💥 My nation is awakening even now to Jesus love and Gods miraculous rescue.
💥 My nation is marked for revival fire and  the harvest is running home to you Father and they will find healthy family and a life giving tribe.
💥 My family is increasing in hunger after God, and goodness and kindness are hunting them down as salvation knocks on their door. My family is walking in their God given dreams and passions that leads to deep heart connection to their creator.
💥 I will flourish in THIS season and I will not delay allowing my heart to thrive and enjoy this season, starting from now.
💥 My maximum potential will rise and shine as I engage my full heart in this year.
💥 I will keep a short account with you Holy Spirit and allow you to highlight any areas where upgrade is needed.
💥 I will not allow the accuser to inhibit or destroy family connection, but I receive Jesus heart for those God has connected to me.
💥 I will operate in the fullness of what the Holy Spirit has made available for me to impact the world around me.
💥 I am advancing and taking ground. I am moving forward into hope and activation of all the Lord has for me.
💥 I am increasing in wisdom.
💥 I receive grace and tell all shame and fear to go in Jesus name. I receive forgiveness from Jesus and I release forgiveness. I am a released of shame-free atmospheres and peace releasing words.
💥 I am unoffendable this year. I walk in honour and kindness. I am the greatest of encouragers and I cheer on the bride as she transforms and arises to her greatest victories.
💥 My soul is restored in your manifest presence and I am rising from the ashes in beauty and joy, stringer and wiser and well equipped to thrive.
💥 I trust you to provide all I require to walk in the fullness of my call and I trust you with my promises and my process.
💥 I am strong and have grown even stronger even under enemy fire and I am prepared and positioned well to steward fruitfulness and abundant harvest.
💥 I am a warrior that wields the weapons of warfare with love, passion, faithfulness and boldness. I praise wholeheartedly, I pray persistently and I believe heaven is infusing earth as I decree and releasing Gods solutions.
💥 I am a decreer of heavens heart and I do not partner with division, fear or dishonour, as I choose to celebrate what God IS doing, and not attack where I see lack.
💥 Impossible situations and circumstances surrender and turnaround as I pray to the God of the all things are possible and release life.
💥 No weapon formed against me shall proper and I am surrounded by heavenly host as I take ground and take faith steps into God dreams.
💥 2018 is a year of unprecedented harvest and revival impacting my family, my community, my city and my nation. Everywhere I go I release possibilities, miracles, solutions, hope, healing, salvation and encounters with Jesus.
💥 My heart burns for Jesus and I am a contagious revival fire starter that sparks deeper love for Jesus wherever God leads me. My heart yearns for more of you in my midst and I give permission for you to infuse me afresh today with the very atmosphere of heaven.
💥 Jesus is reversing effects of enemy hits and restoring and completing every promise he has spoken to me and my family.
💥 I am positioned and ready for encounters with Gods manifest presence that marks me. I am increasingly hungry for the more of God.  I am expectant of miracles and I am growing in connected friendship and love with Jesus and His family. I hear His whispers and I receive His wisdom.
💥 I am on fire for Jesus and I release revival, hope and grace to those around me.
💥 Your word breathes life to me and I am hungry to read life transforming scriptures and discover fresh revelation and hidden manna in your word for my season. I am stirred by your Spirit, compelled to rest in your peace, and eager to hear your secrets and grow in your wisdom this year. I am thankful you call me friend and am my greatest desire is to intimately know your heart.
💥 It’s easy to hear your voice and discern your ways and I am expectantly following where your presence leads in 2018 knowing this is always good as you are good.
💥 This is a fruitful and favoured year and I will walk into the fullness of my call and do all that God asks of me.  The enemy will not prevent my advancement into promise and your truths Father God.
💥 This is a year that brings the greatest of joy to me and my family. And I will release this same joy and real hope to all in my influence. I will not listen to the lies and schemes of the enemy of my soul. I will partner with heaven and not with darkness.
💥 I charge my weapons of warfare and release faith-directed declarations that release heaven and transform the earth.
💥 I am loved and treasured by God and I am alive in Him and fully accepted in Him. I am growing in wisdom, character, grace and gifting. I am thriving planted in His heart and the house of the Lord wholeheartedly serving and surrendering to my Father in heaven.
💥 I receive the harvesters anointing and my heart burns for those around me to know salvation.
💥 I will have no fear of things shaking in the world as I am safe and secure in my Gods abundant peace. Fear is from the enemy and peace is active and alive in my heart.
💥 I am fully participating with all God has for me this year and fully giving of my heart to Father God and allowing Him to fill me, refresh me, revive me and use me.
💥 I am a warrior of fierce love and a child of the most loving Father, and I receive and release heavens heart in all I do. This is a year of great harvest and great victories.
💥 I am marked for encounters of glory and a drinker of all you are pouring out. I eagerly receive ALL you are generously pouring out and I eagerly lean in for even more! I believe you Lord and I love you deeply Jesus… I will see your glory and fire flowing and spreading in, on and around me.

Amen. And be blessed

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries

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