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The Glory Days, The Baggy Greens & Shane Warne
by Jodie Hughes on October 29th, 2018
"I dreamt about the Aussie cricket team. I sensed something significant was going to happen this summer season..."  Read More
Word for Australia 2016: Move Forward Not Backwards
by Jodie Hughes on December 30th, 2015
" I woke up to a clear VISION today of a kangaroo with a Joey in its pouch just staring at me confidently. A Joey, apart from being the term for a baby kangaroo, also comes from the name Joseph. Hence “Joey” can mean “He will add” or “He brings increase”, “doubler”, or “May God give increase”! 2016 is breaking upon us and God is decreeing INCREASE, & a double portion!..."   Read More
Australia: It\'s Time for an Aussie Awakening: A word for 2016
by Jodie Hughes on November 4th, 2015
"This is a prophetic decree over our nation right NOW. Australia, IT’S TIME. The harvest is not “four months off”, but NOW. Australians have been well preprepared by the master farmer and the average once hardened Aussie is ready for an authentic encounter with a living God. It is key in this season to realign with this truth so as not to miss what God is doing. Australian’s hearts are READY AND HUNGRY..."  Read More
Australia – NOW is the time, not 4 months off!
by Jodie Hughes on July 1st, 2015
"'It’s long been said that Australia is hard to reach and hard to evangelize but the season has shifted and NOW is harvest. Many have sought what time we are in, I hear the Father say, “NOW is the time”. I hear the Father say, “they are ready, they are ready NOW”. “NOW the harvest is ripe”..."  Read More
Revival in Australia, Marriage and Divine Romance
by Jodie Hughes on June 23rd, 2015
"I had a powerful dream in 2013 that God is breathing fresh life on as its message remains poignant and relevant, and so I’m re-sharing it in entirety..."  Read More
First the shaking, then the glory.
by Jodie Hughes on February 16th, 2015
"Just as the earth shook in the natural in Queensland, there is a season of shaking upon us, and God is very much calling his people into a new season. We look and observe the natural as a prophetic sign of the spiritual. There are shakings on every level of society just now. The shakings, shake off what isn’t helpful in our journey with God, and prepare us for the intensified glory..."  Read More
In That Day - Word For Australia & New Zealand
by Jodie Hughes on July 1st, 2010
"We have entered the day when God is reaching out his hand and reclaiming his remnant from the four corners of the earth. His eyes have been going too and fro looking for those who are completely given over to Him and who he can entrust “the greater things”. We are on the verge of the next great move of God that will sweep the entire planet. The rumblings of this have begun all over the planet already, but I believe there is something significant about to break over Australia and New Zealand..."  Read More
The Turkey Tsunami Warning System
by Jodie Hughes on October 27th, 2009
"There have already been some waves of revival (or awakening if you like) hitting the shores of Australia and NZ. Even in recent months there has been an acceleration of what God has been releasing over our nation and hunger is building. Many in the church have been busy getting ready for what they sense God is doing. There is an expectation of something new..."   Read More