Financial Favour: You WILL See His Goodness

Financial Favour: You WILL See His Goodness
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Proverbs 3:27 “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them.”

We are in a season of giants falling and one of the ring leaders that has long taunted the church with fear is financial bondage. The fear and anxiety associated with finance, and the consequent restriction of dreams, has kept many bound. I see this giant of “financial bondage” falling. A new financial favour and grace is coming on God’s people. A new financial freedom is breaking out. A new wave of radical generosity is rising that is breaking the restrictions of fear relating to finance. There is a season upon us of sudden turnarounds and this includes sudden financial miracles even where there has been long term struggles. Wine, loaves of bread and fresh fish in an old basket

God is releasing keys to financial breakthrough and causing many to traverse from the land of lack into the land of “more than enough” provision and multiplication. Literal ‘multiplication of finance’* stories will begin to break out as new joy rises in surrendering “loaves and fishes”.

A fresh release of generosity is stirring over the church and where churches and homes have been struggling financially, I see sudden turnarounds from the brink. The enemy has ensnared many into such fear and paralysis that has brought restriction and financial pressure from every side. This pressure was intended to break you, but instead this pressure is breaking. A fresh sense of joy is stirring, and this wave of generosity toward God’s bride will cause her to flourish. This breakthrough will flow into household finances.

There are financial upgrades coming for his people. God is not just bringing a new freedom however, but there is a multiplication taking place. Exponential increase of seeds sown will be harvested. I see sudden shifts and sudden turning of circumstances. Wealth is often a state of mind first and God is renewing minds and preparing stewards of great wealth.

I see sacrificial giving preempting a flood of resurrection-like turnarounds. 
Just as Mary gave with joy and incredible, sacrificial generosity as she poured precious perfume over Jesus feet, preparing him for crucifixion and ultimately final victory of resurrection life, there are modern day stories of sacrificial generosity that will result in death-to-life circumstantial turnarounds.

Many have faithfully sown and are yet to see long believed for breakthrough. We are in that season of harvest. Your decrees and faithfulness are tipping the scales. Your breakthrough will be the breakthrough of many following, and this has been contested ruthlessly, however heaven is decreeing victory. Decreeing what God is saying has life on it in this season and is crucial. Decree promise.

Some have found themselves withholding however, as pressure has increased, and God is restoring hope to these ones. Scripture reminds us that “no good thing is withheld” by God (Psalm 84:11). A new revelation of Gods goodness and victorious hope is being birthed. A new revelation of the futility of withholding anything in our life when The Father prompts us to new levels of surrender is rising. This is a season of celebrating Gods goodness, and aligning our minds with truth as ridiculous generosity breaks out. This is a season of sudden turnarounds that will shift hopelessness pertaining to finance to crazy, wild, contagious joy!

Proverbs 3:27-28 “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them. If you can help your neighbour NOW, don’t say, “Come back tomorrow, and then I’ll help you.”

It’s a NOW time to sow. And then it’s a now time to sow again. The giants would say, “there is not enough…you need to hold back.” The Spirit would say, “there is more than enough” and “NOW is the the time to trust again, and give again, and advance”. Your lavish giving in this season is breaking the back of this fear, and bringing breakthrough.

“With-hold” means “to hold (something) back, to refuse to provide (something), or to restrain or refrain from giving. It implies a keeping back of what you have authority over, and purposing against giving. This spirit has long tried to bind up the nations, especially my nation of Australia. The enemy has tried to restrict generosity and paralyse with fear, causing people to withhold. God is breaking this fear. Generosity is a gateway to breakthrough. Heart attitudes are being massaged to life across the church and then across the nation bringing fresh hope.

Joy is our strength. Giving is our weapon. Stewarding is our destiny.
Abundance will fill our churches, our businesses and our homes afresh. The storehouses will be filled. Our cities and regions will experience blessing beyond what they have seen as the greater church is taken from lack to abundant provision and governmental stewarding of wealth. The bride was always intended to walk in nation shaping wealth, not in tattered pass my downs. Her gown is splendid and of the finest materials. To keep the bride in old worn clothes is not humility, its a mean, withholding spirit. Wealth is more than finance, but it is inclusive of finance too. Financial favour to provide for heaven designed projects is being released as we decree His promises.

“Get the bride ready” I hear the spirit say. The wedding is prepared with the bride in mind. The bride must be ready. To disciple nations requires a bride that is well financed and stewards wealth with governmental wisdom. She is not intended to scrimp and scrape, but rule and reign. The heart of the church is being turned toward the bride who Jesus loves. Jesus desires her. Jesus loves the church and is pouring out true wealth over her and releasing new capacity to govern with increased wisdom.

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.” Psalm 27:13

We are not called to “withhold” good. We are called to steward wealth and disciple nations. Get ready. Get generous. You WILL see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Get before your Father and pour out your perfume before Him. Here comes the grace of multiplication. Here comes financial favour, new levels of sacrificial surrender, and new empowering freedom.  Here comes the sudden financial turnarounds. Here comes new levels of joy and radical generosity.

Decreeing grace and increase over you. I pray his empowering goodness be made manifest to you.  We speak Gods peace into your heart, and His light to shine on the next step to take, and His love to encompass you.


*We at Pour It Out Church recently heard a testimony shared of literal multiplication of money in one of our gatherings.  This person felt to sow the money in their pocket, believing for a specific financial breakthrough, and once the offering was given literal cash had multiplied in their pocket.  (This person is known to us personally)

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