How You See, Determines What You See

How You See, Determines What You See
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God is always speaking.  He has many languages though, and words are just one of them.  Not withstanding the bible, God speaks through pictures, numbers, dreams, impressions, creation, words of a friend, and through modern day parables using things that are familiar and popular in our culture.  The key is are we recognising what his voice is saying?  Or can I put it another way, are we open to Him speaking in uncommon ways, unusual ways or through culture that is less than perfect and godly?  Caleb and Joshua were able to do this.  They could look into the enemies camp and acknowledge giants, but also see fruit and promise in the midst of unharvested harvest.  Their spirits knew how to “see” what was hi-lighted by God.

The spirit of Caleb is more than just courage, its the ability to see with faith

Joshua and Caleb are known best for their courage and for being amongst the 12 “pioneers” sent to spy out the land and report back to Moses how to proceed as recorded in the book of Joshua.  God is releasing the Joshua and Caleb spirit afresh today, but it’s more than just ‘courage’ to enter new ground.  Its the ability to see with eyes of faith!  This enables you to move forward, and effectively enter “a new thing”.  Joshua and Caleb were the only leaders sent out who SAW the fruit in the land and weren’t influenced negatively by the giants spewing out fear.

It’s true to say the venture had challenges, and it’s true their were obstacles and giants.  And so the other leaders were speaking factually correct when they reported back the problems.  They didn’t see through eyes of faith though as their predisposition to fear caused them to ONLY see giants and not see hope.  The fruit of potential and promise was completely missed.  What they saw caused them fear, and kept them stuck, and this fear obstructed their prophetic vision.  It’s a necessary skill in this hour to see into our contemporary equivalent of the enemies camp and be able to recognise Gods fingerprint and hope.  Fear will effect how you see, therefore effect what you see.  Fear will obstruct your vision.

The spirit of Joshua and Caleb is a or grown determination to see every situation through heavens filter of hope and faith, silencing fear.  Through this filter, challenges are just challenges, giants are just giants awaiting removal, and a problem is a “pre-miracle”.  Obstacles need not prevent promise unless our filter tells us that we’d be foolish to try.  Seeing what the Father is doing is important.

Fear paralyses, where faith frees.

Joshua and Caleb saw possibility, promise, and prophetic destiny! Their peers saw disaster, demise and dead ends. One saw hope, the other saw hopelessness.  Incredibly, they were all looking at the same thing!  It’s not that Joshua and Caleb didn’t see the giants, but clearly they just didn’t focus on them.  In fact, they so saw through the filter of “all things are possible” that the giants actually activated faith in them and propelled them into courage.  The challenges activated their prophetic gift to decree Gods solution, and stirred excitement in them for victory.  The opposite was true of the other 10 leaders.  The only difference was how they saw their circumstances.  All 12 leaders based their reports on what they saw and yet their reports differed greatly.  As they were looking at the same thing, how they saw was obviously impacted their prophetic vision, and played a huge role in their outcome.  Fear paralyses, where faith frees.  Fear obstructs vision.  Fear limits breakthrough.  God is upgrading prophetic vision and removing any obstructions caused by fear, so as to release new breakthroughs.

What set them apart?

Joshua and Caleb’s vision was tuned in to see and discern what God was highlighting, not what the enemy was.  Sadly, the propensity of the others to focus on the enemy, and speak out negative words masquerading as “wisdom” disseminated quickly through the people and kept a whole generation from entering into more.

If you always see the problems first, and the negative side of why something isn’t viable, you are in danger of missing what God is saying.  Sometimes, what God is saying is not considered “logical” in the natural.  For instance, when Peter was asked to walk on the water, wisdom says, “don’t be stupid you’ll drown”.  Or when the disciples were called to leave their life and income and follow Jesus, this was not practical logic.  Or stepping into a river at full strength and telling a nation to follow as Joshua did is ridiculous without a word from God, and even then is still not safe vision, but it was God.  Sometimes, more often than we like, God calls people to do things that don’t make sense in the natural, and will initially look like the opposite of wisdom.  Knowing God’s voice is key.  But learning to see past giants is crucial!  Pioneers are being called into radical assignments of the Lord right now that will only make sense to those whose eyes have been trained to shift their focus from the giants and unashamedly lock onto the promise God is highlighting.  We must determine to not allow disbelief to masquerade as wisdom in our thinking, limiting our potential.  Recognising God’s promise in the midst of the enemies loud taunts is a precursor to breakthrough, and is great courage.  Do not look at the giants!

We are called to more than the realm of the possible.  We are called to pursue the realm of the impossible!

Joshua took a nation to breakthrough… that means he took a whole bunch of people with him into more!   Had he seen only giants, or even impassible rivers or cities with impenetrable defences, this would not have happened.  Had he spoken out negative reports, fears and hopeless words to his people, this would not have happened.  Joshua saw pre-miracles though and literally took action to move toward that, and take others with him. He saw a land with a future, he saw a battle they could win, he saw a river they could cross and he saw a city that was theirs.  How he saw, impacted what he saw… and what he walked in.  And more than that, how he saw determined what a whole bunch of others got to see and walk in!  Your breakthrough too will become others breakthrough.

There has been a great assault of the enemy to paralyse God’s people and prevent them entering this next outpouring.  If the enemy can shift your focus to what he is doing instead of what God is doing, he can keep you in hopelessness, and prevent breakthrough.  For this reason the enemies shouts have been loud, intimidating and vicious in this past season.  God is not mocked, and is restoring double all that the enemy has stolen.   Where the enemy has intended to keep you contained, instead God is decreeing advance.  I hear God saying, “Do not look at the giants”.   Don’t let your gaze rest on the giants!  Focus on Him.  How you see is imperative in this season.

Purposing to be presence-prioritised and focussing only on what God is saying is the way through this season. 
Our vision is sharpened in his presence.  God is moving on our behalf.  God is decreeing victories for us. In this there is rest and shelter for the battle weary. Our time in his presence re-aligning our focus daily (often multiple times daily in times of need) is the pathway past the giants and into breakthrough.  It really is that simple, if the giants are loud, His voice has to be louder!  If it feels like the giants are having a party, turn up God’s voice.  Do whatever it takes, but just make sure God’s promise is louder than any other voice.

Psalm 44:4-8 speaks wisdom for the season,  “You are my King and my God, who decrees victories for Jacob.  Through you we push back our enemies; through your name we trample our foes.  I put no trust in my bow, my sword does not bring me victory; but you give us victory over our enemies, you put our adversaries to shame. In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise your name forever.”

Psalm 44:4  “You are my King and my God, who decrees victories for Jacob.”

I see a great wave of hope being poured out washing off hopelessness, reviving the weary, and transforming and upgrading vision.  I see God taking our vision and superimposing “possible” over impossible circumstance.  Expectant hope is rising.  Once considered impossible exploits are about to break out.

Sudden inheritance of breakthrough

Caleb even at the age of 80 when given an inheritance of land that still had tough obstacles and giants to conquer, a testament to his character and life-long courage.  Even at 80 years old Caleb had a spirit that rose to the occasion and would not be put off by fear and challenges, and God rewarded this.  God is releasing inheritances to his faithful who have paid a high price in the battle over many years.  Expect harvest and inheritance in this season of double doors as stored up reward is being released. Justice is being administered by the Lord and many will come into sudden inheritance of breakthrough.  Faithfulness is being rewarded.

Hebrews 6:10 “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”

If its not been done before, perhaps someone just hasn’t said yes yet?

How you see your circumstances will determine what you see.  Eyes of faith are needed more than ever to proceed.  A radical people is rising that will courageously risk their reputation and resources to do what has never been done before.  They have learnt to live from the supernatural realm.  They initially may not have many who cheer them on or even see what they see, but they will have the empowerment of heaven as they become modern day Calebs and Joshuas taking new ground.  This takes courage.  This also takes bold determination to focus only on what God would have you focus on, shutting out the giants.  As you focus on God and not the giants, new victories are yours.

If its not been done before, perhaps someone just hasn’t said yes yet?  This is about to change.  There is a grace to do the not-done-yet in this season.

“All things are possible with God” is not just a good saying, its truth to be taken hold of.  A whole generation is about to traverse into this realm

The current season will not be traversed with logic and human wisdom alone.  Supernatural wisdom, vision and resourcing is crucial.  To enter upgraded glory, HOW we see will keep us secure whilst shakings occur.  The greatest and most powerful pioneering trait to walk in for breakthrough is “seeing with faith”.  Seeing what God is saying despite the challenges is powerful and courageous!  Seeing through the eyes of “all things are possible” is contagious, empowering and releases miracles.  Impossible things become possible when you enter the realm of “all things are possible”.  God is stretching faith, and taking us past the limitations of our current thinking.  Upgraded faith is being released to step away from the limitations of the possible, and into our God given destiny of all things are possible with Him.  The “all things” awaits those with eyes to see.   We are growing into this limitless realm and being infused with vision needed for the hour.  God is upgrading vision and showing us how to see like He does, as we enter days of greater glory.  Giants are falling.  Glory is rising.


“Father, we ask you to train our eyes to see from your perspective first.  We understand how we see, will impact what we see, and so we ask you to upgrade our ability to see through your lens.  We welcome wisdom in our lives, from both You and people, and we ask you to release the highest wisdom into our thinking today.  May our minds be completely renewed, and we tell fear to be silent in Jesus name.  We say sorry where we have listened to any giants in the past, and receive your grace.  We ask for a new empowering for greatness, and a refreshing of our hearts with contagious hope.  Give us eyes to see and ears to hear above the voices of the giants coming at us right now.  We desire a new day and a new breakthrough, and so we again surrender to heavens wisdom and say “yes” to everything you have for us, and everything you are asking of us.  We say “yes” to breakthroughs that come when we live in the realm of “all things are possible” with you.  We love you Lord and we surrender to your plans and purposes and welcome in courage upgrades for taking new ground.  Thank you for the many valued lessons from our journey that have prepared us well.  Help us to steward our lives, gifts and  the resources you’ve already blessed us with well.  We enter this season with thankful hearts for your faithfulness, and expectant of hope and faith upgrades.  Lord teach us to see solutions and not problems, promise and not demise, possibility and not challenges.  Lord train us to not focus on the giants, but focus on your spirit. We love you Father.  We’re trusting you as we step forward into new breakthrough and greater glory.   Amen!”

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