Word for Australia 2016: Move Forward Not Backwards


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 I woke up to a clear VISION today of a kangaroo with a Joey in its pouch just staring at me confidently. A Joey, apart from being the term for a baby kangaroo, also comes from the name Joseph. Hence “Joey” can mean “He will add” or “He brings increase”, “doubler”, or “May God give increase”! 2016 is breaking upon us and God is decreeing INCREASE, & a double portion!

As the Kangaroo is an Aussie icon and represents Australia so well, the Father is decreeing a season of double portion blessing over Australia.  His favour and increase is rising over you as we cross into a new season of promise. The kangaroo is on our Australian coat of arms along with the emu, and both were specifically chosen to signify our country MOVING FORWARD because of the common belief that neither can move backward! Australia, this is a year of ADVANCEMENT and moving forward! Increase will be added as we MOVE FORWARD. Purpose to move courageously forward as double portion is being given to those who boldly believe “all things are possible with God”.

When Elisha received a double portion after the prophet Elijah passed, it signified the beginning of a new era as Elisha came into his own. Similarly, Australia is poised on the precipice of a new era of maturity and coming into her own.  Many faithful pioneers will also enter new favour, new influence and new authority in their call. Breakthrough, increase and harvest are about to break forth. Revival is stirring.

For many this past season has been long and challenging. Specifically, for many the last 7 years have been difficult as hope deferred and pressured circumstances have wearied many. The enemy has tried to destroy and demolish kingdom pioneers and deplete believers of hope and strength.  2016 however marks the beginning of a new era of breakthrough, and a pivotal shift is taking place across the body that is transforming the prophetic landscape and will significantly impact the nation.  God is restoring destiny’s as we come into a new era of harvest and a re-setting of dreams.  This is a time of hope restored as the Father redeems dreams and brings a double portion harvest.

“Therefore they will possess a double portion in their land, everlasting joy will be theirs.” Isaiah 61:7

This is a significant and crucial time for the body to rise into our destiny.  This is NOT a time to shrink back, but a time to move boldly forward into our destiny as “Great Southland of the Holy Spirit”. This is a time to push past fear and unhealthy limitations, and enter into new breakthrough. Trust what God is saying to you, dare to hope again, and move forward with child like faith. This is a time to move forward and not backward. God’s increasing His favour as the courageous dream again….. It’s time to dream again! It’s time to hope again. It’s time for an Aussie Awakening.

Jodie Hughes

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