You Can\'t See it Yet But You Will

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Psalm 77:19
“Your road led by a pathway through the sea, a pathway no one knew was there!”

Many have walked through a season of intense pressure and feeling pressed in upon on every side with a sense of no way forward, or back. In this transitional season into new prophetic promise, there are many who are finding themselves “stuck” and not sure of the next step, or able to “see” a way forward.

Psalm 77:19 is for you and reminds us of the Israelites following the presence of the Lord, and finding themselves hedged in on every side by impossible circumstances BUT GOD. In front was an immovable roadblock, behind was the army of their enemy, and all around was a critical, fearful spirit rising up determined to discourage and keep them tied to past limitations and unhealthy thinking. Indeed many have felt trapped by “impossible”, with roadblocks looming on every side. A sense of disempowerment and paralysis has disheartened many. The enemies attack has been intense and weariness and battle fatigue has pressed in around faithful hearts.

If this is you, breathe in reviving hope from the God who IS hope. Miraculous suddenlies are breaking out as one season shifts into the next. The enemy is shouting loud and throwing everything he has at you to cause you to quit before you fully enter your promise. Be encouraged and keep going the enemy fire will dissipate as breakthrough trumps attack. The hidden pathways of breakthrough are being revealed! You can’t see the pathway right now…. but it is about to be revealed. The hidden things are being uncovered, starting with and including YOUR pathway of deliverance.

If things look impossible right now, God’s got you positioned well for miraculous breakthrough. Your faithfulness has brought you this far, and despite the pressing voices of disaster around you, purpose to deliberately tune in to God’s voice decreeing he still has “good plans” for you (Jer 29:11). Watch and see the deliverance of the Lord appear before you and His “good plans” increasingly manifest.

As Moses and Aaron stood before the Red Sea, they saw only a roadblock. The pathway of rescue was even hidden from them, UNTIL SUDDENLY…. it was revealed! The impossible literally transformed right in front of their eyes and what was a roadblock became the literal pathway of breakthrough.

I see prophetic red seas before you being parted! Watch and see as impossibilities transform before your eyes, and the pathway of breakthrough is uncovered. You have been positioned and set up for victory in this season and you will see new possibilities rising out of places of hopelessness.

God believes in what He was placed inside you, He has readied you, and He WILL ensure you transition from one season to the next with upgraded joy as you trust in Him. Your journey has not brought you to a place of ruin, but instead has prepared and positioned you for upgrade. This is not your downfall, but instead you are on the precipice of the greatest miracle season of your life. Keeping guard of your heart is crucial right now. Give him any unresolved hurts, offences and questions, and receive comfort and healing in exchange.  As you transition, be aware of keeping your heart tender and “pure” before the Lord.

Align your heart with the truth that you are PRE-BREAKTHROUGH, not pre-ruin! Thank Him that He is bringing the hidden breakthroughs, and indeed even bringing you out of hiddenness. Give God precious pre-breakthrough praise for what you don’t see yet, but will.   Pre-breakthrough thankful hearts is powerful and a “weapon of warfare” in transition.

Many have faithfully followed His leading and have found themselves surrounded on every side and unable to see breakthrough in the natural. The truth is, if His Presence brought you here, His Presence will bring you though and into. You can not see it yet…. but you will!!! This is a season of walking by faith. God is about to reveal the pathway of breakthrough you are looking for, and perviously hidden blessings, strategies, open doors and solutions will arise.  New authority for breakthrough is coming upon the body of Christ.

This same breakthrough will not only upgrade your promise but will be the demise of that which has persistantly come against you. This spirit that has raised its head against you, will be “drowned” and conquered as new authority and strategy is released.

Your breakthrough will appear and rise up out of seemingly nowhere, and so do not despair that you cannot see it yet. What was one day impossible, the next is accelerated pathway into destiny. The roadblock will be transformed into the very place of promise. You are on the precipice of the greatest miracle season upgrade of your life. Be determined to not talk yourself out of your own breakthrough in this season. Decree solutions, possibilities and miraculous deliverance. Build a framework of the possibilities through declaration of truth in your heart of impending victory, and not impending doom. Decree promise and God’s word over your own heart until your own heart hears.

An outbreak of impossible turnarounds is about to break forth. Creative miracles, supernatural rescues, sudden turnarounds, miraculous deliverance, angelic encounters, faith upgrades, physical transformation of challenges and limitations, and miracles that will not just deliver you, but be a sign to those around you.

The God of the Breakthrough is bringing deliverance to you in the places of seeming impossibility and no foreseeable escape. You don’t see how, but you will. You don’t see it yet…but you will! Red Seas will part before you!

Your ability to see “how” breakthrough will come, has nothing to do with your breakthrough coming. Moses did not know the Red Sea was about to divide and make way for him….. but it did! In this same way, this is a season of the “How” being trumped by the “Who”. Trust “who” has brought you this far. Just as Moses watched, and entered a new season, the God of the Breakthrough is showing himself strong on behalf of His people with miraculous turnarounds bringing long awaited breakthroughs and reviving hope. The stunning and spectacular will be seen by the body of christ as awe returns and faith rises. Watch and See. Decree hope to your own heart. Nothing is impossible with Him, including your own impossible circumstances. You will see hidden pathways of possibility and promise rising…. look and see…. watch with expectation. You are not forgotten.  You may not see it yet, but you will!

We give you our impossible circumstances Jesus and decree over our “red seas”, make way for miraculous turnaround. We thank you God that you are never taken by surprise and so we put our trust in you to faithfully continue leading us into all you have spoken to our hearts. We receive peace that comforts today, and we receive hope that stirs upgraded faith. We thank you for the revealing of hidden possibilities, solutions, strategies and miraculous pathways of favour, grace and deliverance. We tell fear, confusion and any foreboding sense of impending disaster to be transformed in your presence, as fresh revelation of impending victory rises in our hearts. We receive fresh strength and grace for battle weary hearts today that alleviates weariness and releases rejuvenation, vision and hope. Thank you God for your goodness and we welcome the revealing of breakthrough into our now circumstances and thank you that it is impossible for nothing to happen as we trust you for our deliverance. We love you, we trust you and we actively place our hope in you.  We receive PEACE that has nothing to do with seeing how our breakthrough will come, and everything to do with who you are God… Faithful. Thank you God for encounters in this season that breathe life, hope and healing into the deep places of my heart. I look with expectation for my “red seas” to part and I say Yes and Amen!  Amen.

Jodie Hughes

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