A Prayer For Peace

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For all those feeling lack of peace and turbulence, this is my prayer for you just now…..(when I’m ministering in a gathering or praying for someone and I sense this kind of swirly atmosphere that is stealing peace I would pray something like the following……so here it is to pray with me)

Place your hands on your head and decree “Peace to my thinking. Peace to my heart. I receive the peace of God that stills my heart and silences the enemy in Jesus name. Your word says I have the mind of Christ and so I ask for revelation from heaven that highlights lies and shines light on God’s truth, releasing the peace that comes straight from the throne room of heaven to my heart right now….in Jesus name…..”
Now breathe in His peace on purpose….

I decree all fear, confusion and thoughts that release insecurity to be silent in Jesus name and I tell every word that didn’t originate from the Father’s heart to fall to the ground. I speak His peace over your heart, the peace that is tangible, felt and releases security of heart, the peace that has nothing to do with you and everything to do with His Faithfulness and goodness. The peace that surpasses understanding and doesn’t need to be understood, just received… this peace I release over you.

Breathe in His goodness just now. NO weapon formed against you can prosper…and every weapon of the enemy that would come against you is broken in Jesus name. Breathe in peace and lean into His presence and be infused right now with the very atmosphere of heaven…Purposefully breathe in and focus on His goodness…. I decree the very atmosphere of heaven would infuse your surroundings right now releasing peace where there has been agitation and rest where there has been anxiety. His faithfulness is faithful and can be relied upon and He is faithfully watching over you and releasing life to every cell, every thought, every part of your body… be at Peace in His presence where His love displaces all fear, confusion and worry… He is with you even now and He is pouring out the oil of His presence over you. Even now in the midst of your circumstance He is there with you……

Breathe in His reviving peace and purposefully take a moment and say “you are worthy Lord and you are holy and you are your love is consuming, I receive the fire of your presence Father, the fire that burns and release the very atmosphere of heaven… I receive the fire of your presence even now…….” Father thank you for your fire that burns and releases a passion for you.

I release His angelic host to minister to you, to release joy to you and to stand guard around you and your home right now in Jesus name….. peace be still to the turbulence in your heart, thoughts and the very atmosphere around you. Heavens peace infuse your heart, home and day. You are surrounded by the very presence of the Lord and where the presence of the Lord is there is a full measure of joy and peace.”

Be at peace today and blessings on your day.

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries

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