Mourning is Over. Turn the Page.

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“He has sent me to TELL THOSE THAT MOURN
and with it, the day of God’s anger against their enemies.
To all who mourn in Israel,
he will give a crown of BEAUTY for ashes,
a JOYous BLESSING instead of mourning,
festive praise instead of despair.” (Isaiah 61:1-2)

“Blessed are those that mourn for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4

As I sit in my prayerroom this morning, I am drawn to the promise, “blessed are those that mourn”, and I hear loudly “TELL THOSE THAT MOURN THAT THE TIME OF THE LORDS FAVOUR HAS COME”. The time has changed. It’s a new season and there is turning of the page from mourning to upgraded joy.

Many have been through an extended season of mourning and sorrow, many have felt the pain of things not going as they had intended or have felt the frustration and grief of a season of “hope deferred has made the heart sick”.

I hear the Father saying, “Tell those who mourn that the season has has shifted”. Beauty will fill your heart again. Joy will return to your heart. Comfort will heal your pain. Blessing is being added on every side. Despair is being replaced with hope and manifest promise.

God promises that “blessed are those that mourn”. Whilst there is a “time for everything”, and mourning is essential for healthy healing, there is also a time to take off the grave clothes and purposefully enter into a new season. There is a blessing that is reserved for those that mourn. This blessing is intended to bring comfort, and to release precious hearts in the midst of pain into a blessing that is reserved and set aside just for you in this moment of very real and raw need. God has a blessing that is uniquely marked for you in the midst of mourning. This blessing ultimately leads you on a journey from pain to a season of joy and beauty restored.

The season has shifted! The time has changed. Be expectant. I see many coming out of hope deferred and into hope manifest. Despair is being smashed as hearts hidden and hurting are being transformed from a place of pain into a new place of authority. Your place of pain is being transformed into a precious and powerful weapon that will wield great freedom to others, and yourself, as it has come from a deep, raw and costly encounter of finding Gods comfort and blessing in the midst of your deepest need.

Be encouraged today. The time of morning is ending. God is releasing a fresh wave of blessing that brings not only comfort, but also brings you out of a season that has kept you confined in grave clothes and into a new joy and authority. You will smile again, you will laugh again, and you will walk in fullness of life. God is restoring beauty to your inner world, and releasing and establishing joy again as hope revives your soul.

Take a moment today and purposefully lean in and receive this blessing reserved for all who mourn. God will comfort you… God will heal you… And God will pour in blessing that is specifically reserved for you who have mourned and grieved. My prayer is that you sense His very real comfort and healing. Sense Him restoring you, and promising blessing added.

Thank Him also that the season has shifted, and welcome into your heart this new seasonal shift….. the season of morning is over! Joy and beauty is written over this next chapter. Turn the page. There is a fresh story to be written that carries hope fulfilled. You will enjoy this new chapter…..

Hand your “morning season” to Him as a costly offering today. Place it firmly in His hands and know that it is precious to Him, not forgotten and not taken lightly. His healing balm is yours today. And blessing is yours today. Receive the exchange of seasons from mourning to joy. Make room for something new.

Be blessed today as you write new chapters of dreams fulfilled in your heart.  It’s time.

“TELL THOSE THAT MOURN, THAT THE TIME” has changed. If that’s you, receive it!!! Celebrate the seasonal shift and determine to take off your grave clothes and exchange them for something new. It’s a new season. Turn the page in your heart.

Jodie Hughes

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