Embrace the Grace to Heal and Deal

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2 Corinthians 12:9  “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

There is a now season of Grace upon the body to heal and deal with the deep foundational issues of the heart.  His spirit is gently wooing us to embrace this, and enter into a time of deep heart healing.  There is a now grace to be real and authentic with His Spirit and discover afresh “his grace is sufficient for you”.  There is indeed a grace of grace just now to honestly come as we are and be healed and strengthened.  Authenticity will mark this next season.

The Father is compelling many to enter into new encounters of intimacy and vulnerability which is highlighting brokenness in need of His embrace.  The Father is encouraging His bride to let go of any offence and bitterness, and there is a sweet grace to deal with the hidden and challenging issues of the heart, bringing these wounded places before His healing presence.   Some are finding places of secret sin and weakness being brought into his loving presence, and receiving freedom that has long evaded them.  As this is done, a new level of power and anointing is coming on many, as is a new level of intimate connection with God.

There is indeed an invitation to new levels of vulnerability before God, giving permission to His spirit to peel back the onion layers of our hearts and do a new, deep and lasting work.  There is a grace to enter into this time of healing right now allowing God to highlight and gently remove any sting of past disappointments, seasons or hurts, upgrading our heart health, and releasing heart massages designed to bring new emotional strength and health. Even as hearts are renewed, being released to respond instead of react, there is a fresh release of joy coming on the church where for many there has only been heaviness.  Joy is shifting heaviness.

Psalm 139:23-14  “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.  See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Many will appreciate this healing in the journey ahead.  This is an opportune moment to allow His Spirit to “search and know us”.  Days of glory increasing are coming upon us even now and hidden weakness, hardness or areas held back from his healing grace can become a place of potential hazard or roadblock in our spiritual journey.  There is such a sense of God’s gentleness and love for his bride in this hour and I sense his kindness leading many into moments of such deep heart transformation and freedom from chains that have weighed them down for many years, some a life time.  This is a time to soar and this is promised.  This is a time to get healed.  It’s a time to enter into His presence boldly and discover just how good He really is.

The Father understands that many have walked through hard, tough, intense and difficult seasons and many are fearful of authentic connection to the body and to God.  His grace is upon these ones to seek help and guidance.  Many are wounded and hurting, some deeply, and seeking freedom from pain and habitual pathways of thinking that have kept people bound.  The spirit is inviting sustained healing.  This is a time to break free and enter life purpose and destiny encounters.  An unhealed heart will prevent or hinder this and His love is for his bride to be completely free and at ease in his presence.  His grace is deep and wide and for you personally precious one, and His kindness is leading broken hearts to an oasis of healing and hope in this season.  His love is embracing you in the midst of messiness, and healing not punishing you, whilst loving your heart to back to fullness of life.

There is an urging in the spirit to embrace this grace season to heal and deal to our stuff!  This is a good time to be healed of past hurts, sins and offence.  A wave of grace is being released that will bring an ease to this heart journey and many will find this process much easier than they first imagined it to be.

The Father stands with arms open and heart toward you with no condemnation only open embrace.  There is a release of ease to deal with painful heart stuff.  God understands the caution many feel to vulnerably deal with their hearts and sometimes hidden hurts, but I see a red carpet of grace set before you that leads to freedom.  His promise to you is freedom and healing.  His grace is laying out a path of red carpet treatment in the spirit… His grace in on your heart journey right now releasing authenticity and healthy heart connection. The Father is on this journey with you, embracing you as you embrace the grace to heal and deal to your stuff.

Isaiah 55:6  “Seek the LORD while you can find him. Call on him now while he is near.”

May you sense and know His very great love and acceptance of you right now in the midst of your real and raw heart journey and circumstances.  I release great grace to you to embrace His presence and allow His spirit to do a deep work of healing to every place in your heart that hurts and is in need of a healing upgrade.  May you have courage to be vulnerable with God, and allow Him to search your heart and reveal and deal with your stuff.  

Father God, would you come and give me a healing heart massage.  Just where I am, I receive healing oil from heaven to every painful and hurting place in my heart. I receive peace and tell fear to go in Jesus name. I trust you as the master masseuse Holy Spirit and allow you to reach into the trigger points of my heart revealing truth, and releasing pressure and pain, by gently bringing peace, comfort and new wholeness.  I trust you to take me on a journey of healing, to begin and complete this process, and release me into a new season of freedom.  Holy Spirit, come and do a work in my heart that brings lightness of heart and hope overflowing.

Father God I say yes to being free and ask you to heal me of all hurts and bitterness, reveal any areas of hidden sin, offence or habitual thinking that keeps me trapped in smallness, and gently remove anything that is weighing me down from soaring in all I am created for.  Reveal untruths to me, and show me the truth of who you say I am.  I receive  freedom over my heart and mind.  I enter and embrace your grace Father God as you massage my heart to life upgrading my ability to receive meaningful love encounters from you and authentically pour out and receive love from others.  I receive all you have for me and I embrace this journey giving permission to search me and know me and heal me.  I love you God, help me to love you more.  And may I know your love for me in tangible ways and experience and recognise increasingly your presence, goodness and glory in my life.  I give full permission to you Father God to enter the painful places of my heart and bring restoration and wholeness. Let hope rise in my heart.  I embrace all you are releasing and enter an oasis of healing hope and joy uncontained in every place of my life and heart.  Amen.

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