2015: A year of the Double Portion Grace to Breakthrough

2015: A year of the Double Portion Grace to Breakthrough & Advance
WORD BY JODIE HUGHES | January 23, 2015
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2015: a year of Double Portion Grace to Breakthrough & Advance
(released in part on Jewish New Year September 28th, 2014 at Pour It Out Church)

The new year 2015 collides with the Hebrew year 5775 which began on September 24, 2014 and both promise great and abundant grace.

Top and tailed by Double Portion Grace:  As the hebrew year begins and ends with 5, this season is top and tailed by double portion grace. 2015 only reinforces this as 15 is 3×5 and speaks of Grace, Grace, Grace! How comforting that this year is surrounded and encased in grace.  Just as the 5th hebrew letter is ‘Hey’, meaning “behold”, this is announced into the heavens, “Behold my Grace!” Nothing is out of God’s hand or beyond his control even as seeming chaos breaks out, this season is encompassed in a double portion of grace and favour.  The level of glory is increasing as God invades with sudden breakouts of miracles and joy that will surprise many with their swiftness. God is taking over and breaking out and decreeing “Behold! I Am!” A sense of awe & wonder will return to his people evidenced by childlike joy and faith. This is His empowering grace to His faithful whose cries have indeed been heard.

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Deuteronomy 11:12 “It is a land the Lord your God cares for; the eyes of the Lord your God are continually on it from the beginning of the year to its end.”  Nothing is out of his watchful care this year.

Giants will fall: Sudden Breakthrough

Just as 7 (Zayin, the 7th hebrew letter), means crowning glory and pictorially is represented by a sword, there is hope that despite the rising darkness and agitation, God is firmly in control and bringing into completion promises that have long awaiting fulfilment. Despite division, intense battle and intimidation, God has His sword raised and victory is assured which is good news for many who have been brutally bruised in the past season. Restoration and recompense of the Lord is being poured out. Hope will rise. For those with an ear to heaven, this season will be marked by sudden completion of long held promise and even bold expansion in the Kingdom, despite the enemies attack and taunts of the opposite. This is a season of alignment and advancement as things shift and new ground is taken and occupied, despite shakings. This is a time to advance, not shrink back as the temptation will be.

There is no room for thoughts not birthed out of heaven:  It is crucial that in this season you lean into His presence with courage just as Joshua did in leading his people across the Jordan and into inheritance. There is no room for thoughts that are not birthed out of heaven as this will limit you. The voice of the giants will be loud, however hold firm and you will see your inheritance. As you move forward, you will discover a heavenly ease. Many ‘impossible’ things will be achieved this year. Pressing into continued intimacy and holding onto God’s voice will be imperative though and in many cases determine the outcome. Everything is about to change. Sudden shifts, re-designing in the spirit, and turning around of circumstance. Promotion, new authority and anointing, sudden breakthroughs & restoration, harvest, quick advancement and expansion, life from lifeless situations… these will be experienced by those who have been on the brink and suddenly, everything will be new.

Isaiah 59:19 (NIV) is prophetically pertinent, “For He will come like a pent-up flood that the breath of the Lord drives along”.  God will suddenly breakout and in like a pent-up flood and his breath will drive this move. The dead places will suddenly come to life. Expect financial rescues, healing miracles that astound, a new breed of leaders who are firstly lovers of God rising up in every sphere of influence.

Advance, not retreat:  The spirit is saying Advance! There is double portion recompense available. Double portion grace. Double portion breakthroughs. Sudden breakouts of glory and revival. The key is to only listen to his voice, not the giants.  The enemy is shouting retreat and spewing out fear and demanding pioneers and builders turn back, however a new level of glory is upon us. Instead, God is calling for Advancement and into now victories and expansion.

God is establishing a new normal.  As the levels of glory increase, so must our surrender.  The days ahead will not look like the days behind.  Looking to his presence is essential as God stretches and re-designs the wineskin. For some this will mean choosing allegiances well, and embracing a presence prioritised life even at cost.  The church (or bride) is not fading away as some suppose, but rather preparing for her finest hour!

Heart surgery removing the past: As when the Israelites crossed the Jordan into new territory, there was first a time of circumcision symbolising a prophetic cutting away of the past season and then a time of rest and healing before the first victory in battle.  To enter new territory, let God cut away that which isn’t necessary or was helpful in the last season, but will now hinder the new.  Healing will flow from surrender to His skillful knife removing any offence or hurt, but this will take courage. Sabbath times of observance of His goodness, and worship will be full of his glory and hope. Gathering together will become increasingly necessary, strategic and joyful. Right after this season of heart surgery, cities were taken and corporate, nationally significant victories were won. For those who trust and purposefully rest in the Lord as he does heart surgery, there are cities & significant breakthroughs to be won. Strategic giants will fall as joy and passion for presence prioritised worship escalates.

Revival and Harvest:  2015 is a year of empowering grace and advancement, and double portion breakthrough. Beauty and joy will again mark His bride and she will be sought out by those desperate for authentic encounter as the long prophesied harvest begins, and suddenlies turn circumstances around.

You will have a double portion of Grace to Breakthrough and Advance!

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