It’s NOT Isolation, It’s a Cocoon

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Transformation is taking place in the body of Christ just the Butterfly. There is much change happening everywhere at the moment, faster than we can keep up with, but the Lord would have you know that there is a secure place right now, under His wing, where rest and divine transformation is taking place in the midst of this season.

This place of peace and rest is hidden away from the chaos, it’s like a divine cocoon we are invited to rest in. In this place, we are secure, cocooned and set apart in a moment of deep surrender in the presence of the Lord. We will emerge from this cocoon of transformation, just like the Butterfly, ready to take flight into the new that God has been speaking to His people about.

Great harvest is upon the earth. God is preparing you, equipping you and releasing you back into a new normal, but with new upgrades that enable thriving even in the midst of great change. We are being redefined, realigned to the heart-beat of heaven and immersed into a divine re-set.

The Lord has been highlighting the butterfly to me in this season as a symbol of hope. The transformation the Lord is doing is beautiful. His plans for us are full of hope, and not to harm us. (Jer 29:11)

Just as the Butterfly begins its journey very different to how it emerges from the cocoon, so too will the body of Christ emerge from this time different. This is not a time of isolation, but rather an opportunity for redefinition, recalibration and regeneration for release into upgraded promises and sharpness of clarity. God’s intention is not harm. God’s intention is not to destroy the church, but strength and beauty is being added to the church to carry greater glory. The church is loved by God, and it is only the enemy that would desire harm to her. God is redefining and recalibrating, but with the intention of increase, not demise. Holiness and surrender are the only option in a cocoon… and to thrive in this season our surrender to the call of renewed surrender and holiness is essential. There is a divine comeback brewing that begins in us, as God is going to reveal His glorious church to the nations.

As we lean into God’s presence in this season, God will transform the “isolation” into a set-apart holy moment of transformation, that sets us apart as we embark on the road called “you have not been this way before”.  Instead of demise, this time of recalibration is preparing you for increase. New strategy is needed for a new season, a new road map is required for new challenges, but more importantly, a re-newed consecration of the heart has been trumpeted out of heaven to realign us before we cross into new territory. We are invited into a perspective shift, that this is not entrapment in isolation (though I most certainly am NOT saying this disease and it’s effects on our nations is from God. The hallmarks of the enemy are always to steal, kill and destroy), but there is a very real invitation right now to fresh consecration of our lives to God. May we humbly take stock of our lives and prioritise in the Lord, and allow any transformation God would seek to make.

Just as the Butterfly emerges with wings to fly above what was once obstacles in its path, so too will you emerge from this cocoon season with an ability to rise above what once stood in your way. You will overcome. You will rise above. You will come through this stronger and with beautiful take-aways from this time. There are silver linings to be found in this set-apart time.

The key is “Don’t waste the season!”  Steward this season to seek the Lord with new intentionality, and allow His holiness to search our hearts and “create in us a clean heart”. There is a divine re-set taking place across the the nations and the body of Christ, as God re-orders our priorities, re-sets a divine plumb line of healthy fear of the Lord, and releases new strategy for a new era. This is not to bring demise, but to bring increased strength and strategic wisdom suited to the unique new territory God is calling us to enter.

Surrendered hearts will emerge upgraded from this season. Don’t waste the season… the call to holiness is urgent. The call to seek the Lord in this season is imperative. The cocoon season, the call to the prayer closet, the urging to deeper surrendered living with God, IS God’s kindness. This season is precious. The cocoon, to the caterpillar, was a gift. The cocoon to the caterpillar was an upgrade.

The evil intent of the enemies works through disease, destruction and fear are to be evicted in prayer. But the very real and urgent call of the Lord to a season of consecration is to be welcomed as a precious gift.

The Butterfly emerges from the cocoon stronger, better equipped, and with new tools and upgrades to rise above what had previously kept it earthbound. You too will emerge stronger and ready to carry the weight of the greater glory, prepared to steward what is about to break open in the spirit. You are called, anointed and appointed to this very hour. There is a unique grace for this hour. May we not miss the invitation to the divine dressing room in this hour where transformation to fly with new anointing is taking place. We need a new road map and sharpened clarity. This season is providing that.

“Now you’re dressed in a new wardrobe. Every item of your new way of life is custom-made by the Creator, with his label on it. All the old fashions are now obsolete.” Col 3:10 The Message

The prayer closet is a divine dressing room right now. The old fashions of the past season are obsolete, be expectant, what God is “dressing you in” is custom made for you right now. The new robe God is placing on you is specifically designed for what is ahead. The anointing God is releasing on His people from the prayer closet is for “such as time as this”.

The Butterfly is a sign to you, that from change, comes new beginnings as we pray and partner with what God is doing. The Butterfly is a symbol of hope, that God-change brings new beginnings that carry beauty. I’m sure the Butterfly at times in the cocoon must have had to hold onto promise of the new, and stop meditating on the old. The promise of new always requires a transformation. There is a discarding of the past that is taking place, so we can embrace the current work of God in our midst.  The discarding of the unnecessary doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, it’s just not as effective now, as it was then.

Isaiah 43:18-19 offer wisdom as we transform in His glory:

“Stop dwelling on the past. Don’t even remember these former things. I am doing something brand new, something unheard of. Even now it sprouts and grows and matures. Don’t you perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and open up flowing streams in the desert.”

We have not been this way before, it is “something brand new, something unheard of”, but instead of fearing change we, like the Butterfly, are invited to decree new beginnings and strength to God’s people. We can trust God even in the midst of accelerated change. The new “custom made fashion” God is dressing you in, is designed by a loving God especially for you. God knows you, and He knows what you are called to, and what tools and anointing you need for effectiveness.

We are in uncharted territory, but the King is leading the way forward into “streams in the desert”, making a way where there seems no way. It’s normal to feel like way ahead is uncertain, but the Lord would have you know, HE is our safe place. We are born for such a time as now, and these are our finest days. The Lord is equipping us the season ahead of great harvest.

Truly the truth of Genesis 50:20 provides wisdom for now;

“You (the schemes of the enemy) intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives”.

An army of God ready to reap the harvest will emerge strong from this moment. We will look back on this moment of time and say, that is where the battle was won, that is where revival was birthed. Souls are on the heart of God. The billion(s) soul harvest is upon us. The Billion Soul Harvesters are being equipped with upgraded tools for harvest and enhanced weapons for war… with wings to overcome!

God is inviting us to receive fresh wisdom, current strategy and creative solutions to enable success in the new. There is equally an urging from the Throne room to seek the Lord and cast off everything that prevents close connection to God’s heart. God is holy, and He is calling us to himself in deeper surrender. Luke warm connection to God will not allow access to the hidden manna God is giving His people in this season. Authentic connection and surrender to God is life to us right now. Hearts on fire is the key that unlocks flourishing and customised strategy for moving forward. Consecration of heart will transform us and give wings to all God has called you to in this next season. You will arise. You will emerge from the waiting transformed, and mount up on wings from the Lord.

This call is to you and your family. God is close to the broken-hearted, and He is drawing your family “home” to His heart right now. God has heard your prayers, and is moving in in the hearts of those who need a salvation encounter with Jesus.

Be encouraged, the caterpillar as glorious a creation as it is, was not equipped to launch into it’s future call. Without the cocoon, the butterfly is only ever a dream in its heart. Hold on friends, this will pass and you will get to the other side stronger, with beauty for ashes and wings for rising above.

The divine dressing room, the cocoon you see today, is an invitation from the Lord to receive fresh oil. It’s a divine dressing room of transformation and fitting of wings to take flight. The cocoon you see today, tomorrow will only be a memory of the moment God gave you wings in a dark, seemingly restricted season; an upgrade designed especially for you just like the Butterfly.  
You will be dressed and ready, with oil in reserve, ready for action in a moments notice, because of this season.

Luke 12:35. - "Be prepared for action at a moment’s notice”, or as some translations say, “dressed and ready”!  

You need wings, and God is giving them to you in the divine dressing room of this holy moment, set apart in a cocoon with His loving presence. You are being given wings to overcome… and they are glorious, as is your future.

I bless you friend with hope for a glorious future. This is passing, not staying and you will emerge stronger. You will emerge with wings for flight into a future that is good.

My friend, in the midst of this time where there is much unknown, God says to you, “for I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future” Jeremiah 29:11

This is my decree to you: God’s plans for you are filled with hope and assurance that He is with you even in this, and giving you custom made wings to take flight and emerge stronger.

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries

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Darrel Jones - March 15th, 2024 at 2:40pm

Wow! I am dead smack in the middle of a season just like you're describing. So much so, a few days ago I said to the Lord myself, "I feel like I'm in a cocoon season" and I had no idea this post even existed. Not only did this perfectly describe the season I'm in right now, It was an immense encouragement to me as I'm walking with the Lord Jesus in the newness of my life. So much is happening and I feel so still at the same time. I keep having to fight off the anxiousness in my heart. Sometimes I struggle with being in a hurry to the next chapter and I know The Lord is wanting me to slow down and live in what's happening today.

Thank you for being such a gift in a time of need. I honor you.