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On Jan 1 2010 I received a word from God about the coming year and yet knew the deeper meaning would be revealed as time carried on. Many who follow our ministry know that Ben and I have been receiving numeric signs from God for over a year now… 1234 and variations of this… 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444. (the full version of this can be read at This has come to mean perfect alignment for us. That God is lining everything up… awakening and revival over our nation… breakthrough in our own lives and ministry. It is synonymous now with a kiss from heaven everytime we receive these numbers and is an immediate reassurance that God is with us, in control, and lining everything up.

At the beginning of 2010 I had been receiving 1111 quite repetitiously and then on Jan 1, when praying for a word for the year, I received Isaiah 11:11.

Isaiah 11:11 NIV
“In that day the Lord will reach out his hand a second time to reclaim the remnant that is left of his people from Assyria, from Lower Egypt, from Upper Egypt, from Cush, from Elam, from Babylonia, from Hamath and from the islands of the sea.”

Isaiah 11:11 MSG
“Also on that day, the Master for the second time will reach out to bring back what’s left of his scattered people. He’ll bring them back from Assyria, Egypt, Pathros, Ethiopia, Elam, Sinar, Hamath, and the ocean islands.”

I believe we are IN THAT DAY…

We have entered the day when God is reaching out his hand and reclaiming his remnant from the four corners of the earth. His eyes have been going too and fro looking for those who are completely given over to Him and who he can entrust “the greater things”. We are on the verge of the next great move of God that will sweep the entire planet. The rumblings of this have begun all over the planet already, but I believe there is something significant about to break over Australia and New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand are the “islands of the sea” and I see a tsunami wave of Glory completely covering our nations and going from here to the ends of the earth. (see dream of Tsunami hitting Australia & NZ at Just as the bible talks of “the first shall be last”, this list of nations where God will reach out his hand lists “the islands” last. I believe Australia and New Zealand will be first to move into “that day” and the other nations will follow like dominoes falling around the planet.

We are IN THAT DAY now… in fact I believe we are in that HOUR. There has been a significant SHIFT in recent weeks over Australia. NOW is the time to dig deep and pray in this coming hour. Unprecedented hunger and crying out for God to move is beginning to well up from our nation. Ben has just completed a Revival Tour of Australia going to every major city and some rural cities. There is indeed a new and desperate hunger being birthed in his body and it is across the entire land that this cry is beginning to rise. Though these are small pockets over the nation, there is a rawness and integrity to the cry of the people… with one voice we call out… BREAKTHROUGH and AWAKENING!

Is 59:19 was given to me late 2009 as a promise of what the next move of God will look like. It says, “from the west men will fear the name of the Lord, and from the rising of the sun they will revere his glory. For he will come like a pent-up flood, that the breath of the Lord drives along”.

He is coming like a pent-up flood. (again this ties in with previous dreams/words of Tsunamis of Revival hitting our shore I & others have received). This speaks of a sudden and powerful CRACK! The cracks are appearing in the dam wall now. The dam wall is about to break… and the pent up flood will soon cover our nation. This will be sudden and quick, and all encompassing.

As I have said before, when you experience the SHAKING… This is the warning that the tsunami is coming. There is a great shaking being experienced in the politics of Australia as we speak. There is a great shaking in the church and the people. The shaking is our warning! The tsunami is imminent. We must get ready… there is no more time for delay. The only way to ride this wave is to be fully immersed and out deep when it hits!

This move will be different and unique to other waves. The breath of the Lord will drive this. It is set. The only question is when exactly this will break and who will be ready to ride to wave as it sweeps our nation and the planet.

There are many groups of forerunners across the nation/s that are poking holes in the dam wall. With each hole punched, the hour draws closer to the crack when the dam wall falls.

THE BREATH of the Lord
The breath speaks of some unique qualities that this next move will carry.

1. Resurrection Life
This move will carry a powerful message of resurrection life. Breath represents LIFE. The dead will literally be raised. Impossible situations will routinely be turned around. The authority of the believer to raise the dead is about to be unleashed in an unprecedented way. Ez 37. The dry bones will rise. This next move will be known for its powerful miracles, especially in area of instant medical turnarounds. There will also be a new breed of creative miracles in the natural environment… where seemingly impossible situations are turned around through the power of resurrection life. An authority in the area of Resurrection life will again mark the body, and we will be known for this.

2. Intimacy
When one feels the breath of God it speaks of a face to face encounter. Supernatural encounters with the King of Kings will increase, as does our desire to live out intimate communion with Him. There will be a purity of worship to this move. Lovers of Jesus will unashamedly worship with intense intimacy. As our intimacy increases, so will the power of resurrection life evident in the body.

3. Fear of the Lord will be a hallmark.
The breath of the Lord will DRIVE this along. This next move will be marked by a body of believers who are completely sold out to God, and accompanied by a strong sense of the Fear of the Lord. God will again lead his people and holiness, repentance and fear of the Lord will mark this body. Immediate obedience will mark his people. God’s spoken word, his Rhema word, (the whispers of heaven) will be manifest in the presence of his people with purity and integrity. The fear of the Lord will drive out the political & religious spirit that has come to try and abort this move. God will again take the reigns of his church and lead us face to face… through his very breath… intimate and close.

God is calling his forerunners with an urgency and fervour in this hour. We must make ourselves ready for this hour. When the dam wall breaks the time for preparation is over. Buy oil NOW!!! Seek his face NOW. Remove all areas of your life that God has been placing his finger on and wholeheartedly place yourself on the altar… with nothing of this world holding you back.

This is not an hour for games. This is an hour of preparation for war. We must storm the heavens and pull down all that we require for the hour ahead.

God is a God of resurrection life. Ez 37 speaks of the dry bones coming back to life. We prophesy to the dry bones of Australia and NZ and declare that they will rise again. Australia is known as a dry and arid land… especially at our centre. This will change in the natural and the spiritual. God is coming as a pent up flood and our environment will respond as a sign that revival is flooding our land.

Is 40:3 says, “A voice of one calling: In the desert PREPARE the way for the lord; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God”

God’s voice is calling NOW. He is calling out to the dry bones… the dry places… the dry church… the dry land…. And saying PREPARE now! He is coming like a pent up flood!

He is calling to his remnant. “he will reach out his hand for a second time to reclaim his remnant….” (Is 11:11) We are that remnant!

29th May 2010 - A significant SHIFT happened in the heavens over Brisbane
On the 29th May, there was a distinct crack that was felt in the atmosphere and a new dimension began to enter our realm. I was in a meeting at the Australia Revival Tour Conference (with Joshua Mills, David Tomberlin, Chris Harvey, Catherine Mullins, Joe Delgado and Ben Hughes), with Ben Hughes worship leading. There was a sudden “crack” and everyone on stage and the ministers present, along with many others all felt an immediate difference in the spirit. We had broken through into a new realm… a portal of glory had opened… The spirit of Revival was present in a manifest and different way to previous times. There was agreement by many that Revival had begun. This is not unique to this particular meeting. There are those contending and breaking through all over our nation at the moment. However, it was agreed that on this particular night, something significant and new broke in the spirit.

Confirming Sign in the Sky over East Coast of Australia
In the early hours of June 5 around 6am, a strange, bright, swirling vortex looking light was seen over the eastern landscape of Australia. It could be seen from South East Queensland, NSW and Canberra. Astronomers, media and the public reported this and it made headline news as it could not be identified and yet was so visible to the human eye.

This sign in the eastern sky over Australia, significantly appeared on the east coast where the sun first rises over our land, and at twilight when first light breaks. I believe this was a sign that a new realm has opened up for Australia and NZ, and that a portal has been punched through. This was a sign of the beginning of a significant shift in our nation. Breakthrough has begun.

Word released at the Australian Revival Tour 28 May 2010 in Brisbane by Jodie Hughes
I heard the word “FIRST FRUITS”. As I contemplated what this meant, I kept hearing the same word over and over… First fruits… First fruits….

I believe God was saying that the people themselves are the first fruits of Revival in our nation. That these faithful ones (this referred to all across the land who have faithfully stood), are in the number of the remnant of those who have dependably and faithfully stood and stood and contended and contended for breakthrough and revival in our land DESPITE GREAT OPPOSITION. That God sees them as his remnant…. His first fruits of the coming harvest. They are precious in His sight.

I felt he likened this remnant to his first born, which is always consecrated unto God. Just as Jesus was taken to the temple and consecrated back to God, this remnant of forerunners are called ‘his”, and are his first fruits of what is to come.

Just as in history the first born was dedicated to God, and there often was a spirit that came against this first born to try kill the first born before it could reach maturity. The enemy when realising he cannot stop this next move of God has turned his attention to the firstborn forerunners in efforts to stop them. Many in this number have experienced intense & relentless attack in this hour. There has been a herodian spirit unleashed against the remnant to steal, kill and destroy them before they can walk in the maturity of the promises God has given. Many on the frontline have experienced storms of intensity and verosity that they have not known before. This has been a strategic attack designed to wear them down and take them out of the fight.

This Herodian Spirit is a political & murderous spirit that comes against the true followers of Christ. Its intention is to bring death. Just as King Herod murdered all children under the age of 2 in an attempt to kill the messiah and claim the title of “King of the Jews” for himself, this spirit is still attempting to “kill” those who are on the frontline and contending for the next move of God, or at least keep them bound and ineffective in their call. (Matt 2:1-12)

Just as during the Passover though, the blood of the lamb over the doorpost protected the Israelites firstborn, Jesus is releasing divine protection in this hour for his remnant. However, it is important that we ourselves place our very lives on the altar, essentially becoming the sacrifice… a living sacrifice. It is this very act of surrender and complete sacrifice that will keep us completely protected in the palm of his hand and perfect will.

God is releasing divine protection and divine strategic wisdom in this hour to his remnant. Just as he lead Joseph to safety with baby Jesus against this spirit, we can expect God to provide this same strategic wisdom and protection. The key however is immediate obedience and total surrender. There is no room for playing games. We must climb again on the altar and be living sacrifices to God.

Out of this season, the resolve of the remnant, instead of being broken… will rise to a mighty roar… a new authority in the spirit is being birthed. For those who will place themselves willingly on the altar this very act is what gives them a new authority in the spirit to take the land. For they have truly walked thru the valley of the shadow of death and they now KNOW that they fear NO evil! (Psalm 23) This conquering of fear gives freedom and authority.

Instead there is a healthy and intense fear of God that permeates their very being and the army of the faceless warriors is being birthed out of this season.

Breakthrough is imminent
The last plague that came against Egypt was the Angel of Death that was sent to kill all the first born that were not covered by the blood… AND THEN CAME FREEDOM…

Fast forward in time and right after the persecution that King Herod ordered being the killing of all sons under 2 years of age, (of which Jesus was divinely protected), and out of the midst of this persecution… THEN CAME THE BIRTH OF THE NEW….

BREAKTHROUGH is ours. The enemy has shown his hand. The enemy has tried to squash, kill, destroy, abort, stop, and inhibit what God is about to unleash in our midst. BUT we are still standing… and breakthrough is imminent! The pent up flood is about to burst forth!

The blessing of El Shaddai
There is much being said about the blessing of El Shaddai at this time. I believe this is exactly what we need as a body and as individuals at this time. The blessing of El Shaddai is needed over us again. In its truest definition, El Shaddai means ‘I am the God of utter ruin and devastation and I am here to do for you what you cannot do for yourself.” (taken from a note by Paul Keith Davis, The Voice of the Sign).

May our prayer be… Come and do for us Lord what we cannot do for ourselves. Give us our land. We are surrendered to you. Come like a pent-up flood and reclaim your remnant.

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries

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