They Are Not Lost!

They Are Not Lost!
© Pour It Out Ministries 

(prophesied in part in worship at Pour It Out 15 Feb, 2015)

Many have prayed faithfully for their loved ones.  Many have prayed faithful prayers for their family who once walked with God.  The Father has heard and his Spirit would say to you, “Be encouraged. I am bringing in a harvest back to the fullness of what these ones are called to… back to the fullness of knowing My very great love for them.  I have heard your prayers.  Let Me comfort and encourage your hearts”

Many have been hurt or scarred along their spiritual journey.  Many have been embattled and disappointed and grieved by religion at it’s worst.  Many families have ones who have left “church” hurt and bitter and hardened.  It is particularly painful when it is those we dearly love that have weathered the brunt of being on the front line and walked away damaged.  Many parents are hurting for their kids who are currently in a dry place where once they pursued the call on their life.  Many are hurting for loved ones who have taken hits from the pressures and strains of attack on their hearts for all manner of reasons.  Many have walked away and vowed to never trust God again.  There are many who once served God with childlike trust who God is seeking out.  There are those who were hurt from within what should have been safe and these ones too are being pursued by God.  And there are many faithful ones who have prayed and prayed for healing breakthrough over loved ones who have been disappointed, wounded, or just chosen to walk a different way.  This has brought great heart break and grief to many families.  This has brought heartache to God.  Father God would say to you, “My heart aches for all my hurting ones.  I love you, I love your family, I love your loved ones, and I am running hard after their hearts to bring them into healing love.  I am pouring out a grace to forgive, a grace to live again, and a grace to love again”.

There is a harvest coming in of those who have been hurt and seemingly stolen from the clutch of God.  God is bringing in the broken and hurting ones who once walked so close to Him, but their passion was stolen.  God is bringing in the lost ones, the hidden ones, the hurting ones, the bitter ones, the “I saw too much I didn’t like” ones, the once were leader ones, the used and abused ones, the ‘I love God but hate church’ ones, the ‘I can’t stand your religion’ ones, the ‘once were hot and now are not ones’, the in need of God’s love ones, the ones we think are too far gone ones…. the ones we think are lost.

“They are not lost”

I hear the Father say, “They are not lost!”.  I know where they are.  I know what they think.  I know what they love and what they hate.  I know what keeps them awake at night.  I know their hurts and their pains.  I know their people6heartaches.  I know their dreams and I know each broken dream.  I know how to heal them.  I know their name. I know where and how to find them and I am blowing a fresh wind of hope over them.  Nothing is hidden from Me.  I know how to reach their hearts.  Do you not think I hear their thoughts and know how to answer the cry of their hearts? I feel their pain. They are not lost!  And I am pursuing their hearts with the full force of my consuming love.  I love them.”

(As I prophesied this in church I had but a moments glimpse into the heart of the Father which was all consuming.  And I sensed his very great pain over these ones.  I sensed His very great love.  I sensed his excitement and anticipation for his children coming back to Him.  I sensed His anticipation… yes, anticipation….. He will trump the enemy.  I  sensed victorious hope)

The ones the accuser thinks he has stolen, are the ones the Father is bringing in first

The enemy thinks he has stolen them and is pridefully trying to flaunt these ones in the face of the Father as proof the accuser is victorious.  The goodness and love of the Father knows no limits though and God is about to trump every snare and tactic of the enemy to snatch his children away.   The enemy thinks he stole them from the Fathers hand but God is good Father and nothing is lost that cannot be found in Him.  They are not lost.  The Father knows where they are and he knows their name.  The destroyer has tried to steal and kill off so many dreams and destinies, but Father God is breathing fresh life over broken dreams and hearts.  He knows how to speak to the issues of their heart.  He is pouring out victorious hope in their own heart language which is proficiently fluent in.  He is not intimidated by their hurt or hardness or hate, but is wooing and winning his children back.  The Spirit is calling hurting ones back to the fold.  The ones the accuser thinks he has stolen, are the ones the Father is bringing in first.  Victorious hope is rising.  A harvest is coming in.

There is more going on than you see

The spirit would say to you, “There is more going on than you see”.  “I am working in their hearts.  I am working in their dreams.  I am working in their friends.  I am releasing revelation that heals and brings answers to the questions they don’t even realise they are asking.  I am releasing angels on assignment to these ones.  I am shifting thinking.  I am blowing a fresh wind of hope their way.  I am healing their pain and answering their questions.  There is more going on than you see.  This is a time to pray, a time to decree, a time to agree with Me.  I am pursuing my harvest”

The Father is gathering His harvest.  They are not lost.  The Father knows where they are and he is bringing them back to home in His heart.  Home is a place we all desire and this is put there by God.  I hear God saying, “I put this desire in your heart and I know how to fulfil it.  I am your home.  You find belonging in Me.  You find home in Me”.

There will be a flood of prodigals entering new passion with God, and falling in first love with the Father once again.  Watch and see…. some of the first to enter in in this season of harvest will be the kids and family of those who hae been faithful and their children were hurt by the journey. Watch and see.  The Father is a good Dad and he is bringing into first love your kids, your parents, your loved ones.  The harvest years are here.  They are not lost!

Be encouraged.  Be expectant.  Pray.  Decree.  This is time to pray and agree with heaven.  This is a time to ignore the enemies taunts and instead agree with God’s promises.  The broken and hurting are coming back to a good Father.  The ones that once loved him, will love Him again.  The Father has not given up… and none are too far away.  He is bringing them into their destiny and dreams and healing their hurts.  There is more going on than you see.  But you will see!  You will see a harvest.  Enter into victorious hope.  Its time to call them in.

“They are not lost.  They are mine.  And I am a good Father and I have heard your cries, just as I have heard theirs.  They are not lost. I am Victorious Hope.  I AM Faithful.   Your loving Father”

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