Australia – NOW is the time, not 4 months off!

Australia – NOW is the time, not 4 months off!
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 Australia, NOW is the time.
NOW is the time of harvest. 

“Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest?’ Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest.” John 4:35

It’s long been said that Australia is hard to reach and hard to evangelise but the season has shifted and NOW is harvest.  Many have sought what time we are in, I hear the Father say, “NOW is the time”.  I hear the Father say, “they are ready, they are ready NOW”.  “NOW the harvest is ripe”.

God has been gently and beautifully preparing the hearts of regular Australians for animages authentic encounter with his love. Many have said that Australia is hardened to the gospel and that our nation is not easily interested or open to God. The hearts and minds of regular Aussies are hungry and ready for an authentic encounter with a real God that speaks to their desire for a higher purpose and meaning.

Authenticity is key as miracles and power encounters melt hearts and speak to a collective, deep desire in the nation’s heart for a real God with real solutions. Aussies are actively seeking an authentic encounter of supernatural connection to God who talks, and gives life purpose. Religion has run its course, but authentic encounters with a loving Father are about to explode over the nation. Hearts are open. Look and see with new eyes what the Father is doing.

Dreams and visions are increasing in the night hours that release hunger and desperation for truth. Jesus is showing up in the dreams of Aussies and imparting understanding of the Father’s heart for them.  Recently a local school girl had a dream of one of our youth leaders preaching to her in her sleep and she had a radical encounter with God’s love that brought salvation and healing to her heart.  All from a dream!  The time is NOW.

I see a tree full of ripened fruit that is ready for harvest and ready to be picked. It is full, abundant and poised for a new season. The master harvester would say it’s time. It’s fruit picking season. This harvest must be picked now as the master desires that none is lost. Unless its harvested by the spirit, some will fall to the ground, and some will be picked by other eager farmers whose intentions are not for good.

There is an urgency to look and see the harvest is ready, and bring in the harvest. It’s harvest time.  New perspectives are needed.  Fresh eyes will look and see opportunity where once there was closed doors.  The doors of evangelism are open.  The doors of hope are open.

I hear the phrase, “Do not say it’s four months off”, “Do not say it’s far off and for another time or another people”. Our day of visitation is now. In putting off for another day what is for now, we can miss a now harvest. Press in and grab a hold of all the Father has for us now. We are living in the season that has long been prophesied and there are NOW opportunities to seize.

Many have said that revival is a far off, or for tomorrow, but the Lord would say that an Australian Awakening and harvest is ripe now. The media and the voices of the age would have Australia believe that the average person is far from God and adamantly hardened against God. This is not the case. Hearts are searching and looking NOW for substance, truth, encounter and authentic spiritual meaning and it is essential that this harvest is picked NOW.

We are entering the day NOW where salvation is easy in Australia. Hundreds being saved in one encounter will be normal. Thousands in a day will be common. Healing in the market place will be easy. Contagious hope and miracles will be common. Schools will become hot beds of supernatural encounter with a loving Father and this will spread rapidly. The one by one will encounter God too with a new ease and new increasing normality. Take courage and release the Father’s heart to those around you. A new breed of radical, Aussie evangelists are being raised up even NOW who will reap a powerful harvest.

Now is the moment to pray for family members hearts, and do whatever the Father would ask you to do. There is a grace for salvation in your families now. Where you have thought they were hard and not interested, the Father would say they are ready and hungry and re-visiting truth in their hearts. Pray for dreams in the night hours. Many will be saved even as they sleep and dream, and this is happening NOW.  I see a wave of those in families that have long been prayed for having sudden heart encounters with a good Father.

Awakening angels are being released over this nation NOW and many will have sudden encounters that mark many for the Kingdom.

Get ready Australia. Make space in your heart and in your planning. When many of these regular Aussies, especially men, are saved, they will not fit traditional moulds of the church, but they will be hungry and passionate and eager to authentically serve God.

A youth movement is rising that is unswervingly in love with Jesus and radical in their approach to “fruit picking”. I see many making room for their passion whilst not squashing their enthusiasm. Here comes the passionate Aussies who would once only shout for their favourite sporting team, but will now shout in worship and cry for their children hearts. A wave of men entering the kingdom will astound many people as these ones weep for a broken, fatherless generation. This will become a marker of this next move.

It is not 4 months off as some would say. Revival is not a far off. Hearts are ready NOW. The Father is infusing his people with courage and hope as NOW is the time of harvest.

His Glory will back you up!  Open your mouth and speak NOW word of hope to the hopeless as the Holy Spirit has prepared their hearts and they are ready NOW. His glory will back you up.  The media would have us believe that Australians are more hostile than ever, but the Father would say, “they are ready”. Much of the hostility being flaunted on social media and the like is a spirit, and is ferocious in its intent, but the heart behind these words is open and ready.  I hear the Spirit say again, “do not say it’s four months off”, they are ready NOW.

Release heaven in the midst of confusion and darkness NOW. God will show up in power right NOW. Be encouraged. God will show up with you and you will see heaven break out.

NOW is the time of revival, not a far off. Now is the time to seek heaven for strategy. NOW is the time to pray, believe and see a harvest.  The time is NOW!

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