Great Favour for Greatness

Great Favour for Greatness
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Joshua 3:7 NLT “The LORD told Joshua, “Today I will begin to make you a great leader in the eyes of all the Israelites. They will know that I am with you, just as I was with Moses”

A recognisable shift of favour

Some translations refer to this verse as Joshua being honoured, exalted, magnified or made great. Either way, something shifted and great favour was added! It certainly doesn’t imply that Joshua already did not walk in favour, however something definitely was added to him that was recognisable. It was after this encounter that Joshua not only led the Israelites into their prophetic destiny, but he had significant breakthrough after breakthrough. Joshua became a revered leader who walked in courage, favour, national acclaim, creative miracles and most importantly authentic relationship with God.

Destiny is just on the other side of this obstacle
His first major undertaking was leading the people across the Jordan river. The leadership challenge of relocating an entire nation was significant, and yet he excelled. The bible records the Jordan was at full capacity and force when Joshua attempted this. As they set out, the waters raged and the temptation to give way to fear would have been palpable. But every prophetic sense he’d held onto for decades spoke of a destiny that was just on the other side of this obstacle. Had Joshua looked at the past, or the present, he would remain right where he was. Joshua courageously crossed the river, in proximity to his enemies at Jericho who wanted him harmed showing he would not be paralysed by his enemies, but rather stirred by destiny. As he sent the priests in first with the arc of the covenant he established afresh his trust in Gods presence that he’d learnt sustained him through the impossible.

“Today I will…” There was a now moment when God was speaking and decreeing increase and Joshua sensed the green light and advanced. There is much to be said for knowing the moment you are in and boldly advancing. The only way to advance however was for Joshua to take the first step into the unknown. We know God supernaturally stopped the raging waters and made a path, but we often forget this only happened after he stepped out. The spirit is stirring destiny in his people again… there are now moments of destiny to be taken! The obstacles will be removed as you move forward. Today God is raising up Joshuas. Today God is calling you into courageous upgrade.

God is restoring that which was lost
Joshua served Moses faithfully, and was a good “son”. But here he stood on the precipice of promise and nationwide breakthrough and he needed an upgrade. Greatness was needed for the task at hand. A new realm of authority was required.

As he was one of the original leaders who 40 years previous had spied out the promise land he knew what promise looked, smelt and tasted like. His assessment and judgement in the past season however was publicly dismissed by the great majority, and even ridiculed. Sadly this ultimately led to an entire generation shrinking back… it could have led to Joshua getting bitter and hard hearted, it didn’t! God in his goodness now publicly honoured Joshua’s leadership. Joshua would be revered as a Great leader, with increase of favour suddenly shifting him into a whole new realm of authority. Somehow this past disappointment in his journey only propelled Joshua forward, whilst it kept others going around in circles. The difference was heart response. God honoured his faithfulness, even at great cost.

God is restoring that which was lost, broken and damaged. A new breed is arising. Many are being revealed from obscurity into greatness. Heart response and heart journeys are priority. Give God permission to work over your heart.

Offence will limit you
Its easy to forget that Joshua had “seen” the promise, but had been prevented from eating the fruit he knew was available. Joshua certainly had opportunity for bitterness and offence.

I am reminded of Mark 16:17, “signs will follow those who believe”. God is again earmarking and honouring faithful Joshua’s for great exploits. God is again calling the entire church into “greatness”. Favour upgrades are available for those who will walk in radical love and radical obedience. There is promotion and acceleration for those who have seen the promise but not yet walked in the fruit and have remained faithful.

As with most suddenlies, there was a long, faithful journey of everyday faithfulness in less than perfect circumstances. This required persistent courage. No wonder God made a point of saying to Joshua “be strong and courageous”. There was no other way to walk in the greatness he was called to. God is again saying “be strong and courageous”! Greatness is upon you!

Fear will try and prevent you but favour will open the door
Every great leader has had to do what others wouldn’t and push through the fear of failure barrier. Courage is the hallmark of greatness.

Suddenly moments will set you apart. Discerning the green light is crucial and then advancing. God is calling his people into greatness and releasing favour upgrades to obliterate the obstacles before you. Taking cities requires great faith and great favour… both are being increased now. Fear will try and prevent you but favour will open the door. Fear will cower as great faith with great courage advances.

Great exploits will suddenly explode on the scene
Many have faith challenges currently before them that seem impossible. These have threatened to destroy you, but rather will propel you into great breakthrough. Hear the Lord say “I am with you” as he strengthens your heart. If you are feeling stretched and pushed to your limit, feeling constrained by raging circumstances, God is calling you into Greatness upgrades! Today, he is “making” and remodelling and massaging” your heart. Great exploits will suddenly explode on the scene through your courageous and surrendered yes. Increase of favour will lead to legacy. New authority is being added to you which initially feels like all things are impossible, rather than possible. God is reminding us that “He is with us” and He will make the way. Heaven is cheering you on and speaking greatness over you.

Be strong and courageous and advance into the greatness that you are designed for. You are made for greatness!

Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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