It's Time To Shout!

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Last night (Jan 15 2018) I dreamt of the body breaking through resistance into a place of ease and acceleration of “things” coming together quickly!

I saw heaviness and “fog” lifting that had clouded thinking and stolen clarity and joy from many bursting into 2018. I heard a voice say, “you’re breaking through a sound barrier” SHOUT!!!! Shout loud! It’s important to speak life and agree with heaven right now, not the interference in the atmosphere. You are pushing through….. bursting through with praise and declaration! Shout and decree “2018 is overflowing with promise fulfilled, crazy wild harvest and reversal of the enemies hits”!

Shout and boldly decree as walls of resistance are shaking and crumbling. Be bold and push through. I saw a SUDDEN bursting into a realm of ease, entering a crisp, clean and energised atmosphere where things happened quickly! I saw ease as previous pressure and resistance was gone. Peace and joy infused the air.

The muscles gained in the past season of battle have prepared you to propel into dreams fulfilled in the next…….. but SHOUT praise and declaration of truth right NOW! Shout and tell those walls of fear, intimidation, confusion and accusation to fall to the ground. Speak life and shout joy! The fog and heaviness is breaking. We are breaking into something new and energised, but we ARE breaking through and it’s but a unified shout away.

The prayers, the decrees, the intercession, and the shouts of praise are propelling us into a new era of history being written. This is an astoundingly incredible year for His anointed ones….. Shout out loud His goodness till your own heart hears the rumble of the walls coming down!

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries

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