Peace, Peace to the storm (prophetic insight to Cyclone Lam and Marcia)

Peace, Peace to the storm (prophetic insight to Cyclone Lam and Marcia)
WORD BY JODIE HUGHES | February 19, 2015 
© Pour It Out Ministries

Our prayer from our prayer room…

We’re praying “PEACE PEACE” as two separate cyclones simultaneously hit Australia. Cyclone Lam in the Northern Territory, and Cyclone Marcia is headed toward our Queensland coast. The following is interesting.

The name Marcia can be interpreted as “war” or “warlike”. Lam can mean “to strike, thrash or hit hard”. Both are similar in meaning, and as both these cyclones are hitting at the same time it echoes the voice of the accuser trying as He often does to squash hope, spew out fear, and hit hard to keep us from hope and harvest. God is decreeing double doors of blessing however, not disaster!  The tactics of darkness will not prevail.

I want to flip this on its head and redeem it by agreeing with heaven and not the enemy and storms! I speak double doors of blessing over my nation…. double Grace, double Peace, double Favour, double doors of destiny DOUBLE PORTION.… PEACE PEACE to the storm. Winds dissipate in Jesus Name!

The enemy has wanted to subvert and stop God’s plans in our land and many have felt the intensity of hard hitting attack, but this will not succeed! Where “the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord raises up a standard” (Isaiah 59:19) The “standard” is being waved right now.  Peace to every storm in the natural and the spiritual.

Psalm 46:9 says, “He makes wars cease…” We decree to the storms, CEASE!  We speak to the storms thrashing around your life and trying to contain you through fear, and we decree CEASE in Jesus name.  We speak His very great peace over you.

‘Advance’ His Spirit is saying.   A flood of My Presence will overtake you.

Let me be clear, we’re praying and decreeing the cyclonic winds die down and protection over our land and peoples…. Winds, lose your power in Jesus Name.

But I’m also decreeing the winds of heaven blow as they never have before! Great Southland…. Greatness is upon you.  God is warring on our behalf and decreeing victories.

Psalm 44:4  “You are my King and my God. You command victories”

I speak peace to the storm. A quieting of every voice and intention of the enemy against my nation and a raising up of His promises over Australia. Peace Peace to you, your family, and the storm. Peace Peace to every storm that would rise against you and your family, and we decree victories over you.  May those in the way of the cyclone sense and know God’s very great presence, peace, and protection just now in Jesus name.

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