Tsunami on the Horizon

WORD BY JODIE HUGHES |December 28, 2014
Pour It Out Ministries

I had a dream about a gigantic tsunami coming.  It was on the horizon and about to hit our shores.  It is on its way!

Renewed Hope and restored expectation
Some years ago I had many dreams about tsunamis however I haven’t had a dream about a tidal wave in years.  Consequently this certainly got my attention and there was a temptation to dismiss it as “just another dream about a wave”.  This wave was huge though and it was imminent.  As the wave loomed on the horizon, people were in a panic as they rushed to get ready realizing it really was about to hit.  From the shore it was clearly in sight and gaining traction! It was on its way to shore.

I woke up with a sense that the wave was imminent. (and just what we all needed).  Just to be clear, the tsunami represents a move of God: revival: a pouring out of his glory in unprecedented measure: a pent-up flood of heaven invading earth!  But I also sensed God breathing fresh hope and restoring expectation of revival where past excitement & passion has wained.  For many, the thought of revival only stirs up an impassioned sense of “how much longer Lord must we wait”?

Many have lost hope due to a myriad of reasons such as disappointment, life and ministry circumstances shifting, intense warfare and associated weariness that has led to loss of passion.  God sees your heart though and he is restoring not just hope, but fresh perspective.

What seemed significant was that none of this mattered, as this next “wave” of Gods glory is gaining traction and is on the horizon and imminently about to hit our shores with an intensity of power.  God is restoring hope and reminding his people of past promises that are going to be fulfilled in this season of harvest.  Many will be suddenly awakened into fresh expectation of an imminent move of His spirit, and  gripped with an urgency of the hour as they see what is forming on the horizon now.  There is still grace to ready ourselves for an unprecedented wave of his glory, however  there is urgency to get ready.  For many, getting ready simply means believing again!!  God is calling in his people to ready themselves to ride the waves of harvest and revival.  Let hope rise.  Here comes the wave you have been waiting for.  Put aside disappointments of the past and look to the horizon… focus on what God is doing and not what the enemy is doing.  Just as in a natural tsunami the waters pull back just before the wave hits, the tension you sense in the spirit is the waters being drawn back ready for the pent-up flood!  Don’t look at the waters being drawn out and be discouraged… look at the horizon and see the wave, and believe again!

This dream was given as one year passed into the next.  As the old season morphed into the new.  There is often a sense of loss as one season closes and the new is birthed, especially where there is unfinished kingdom business.  Many have felt loss in this past season, even loss of words not fulfilled.  Do not focus on that which is around you… look ahead to the horizon.  Its only as you look up and out, you will see that which you thought was hopeless is instead full of hope.  God is taking what seems as loss and birthing his original intention with intensity of glory.  What seems as loss is instead making space for the very purposes of heaven and an unprecedented move of God.  Look up!  See with fresh perspective what God is doing.  This is happening now and not a far off.  There is an urgency to see with God’s perspective and discern this is a season of outpouring.  There is a grace to allow fresh hope to restore you.

Isaiah 59:19 says, “for He will come like a pent-up flood that the breath of the Lord drives along”.

There is an urgency in the spirit however.  Ready our hearts.  We can choose to ready our hearts and prepare to ride the wave.  In this season there is no room for thoughts that are not birthed out of heaven.  It is only as we look to Him that we will be readied for what God is about to unleash.  Hopelessness, offence and fear will keep us in panic, instead of readiness of heart.

So, I am expectant of 2015 based on this simple truth…. God is good and He’s not done yet!  He is restoring that which was lost, even hope for the promises he has made that have not manifested in the natural yet.  He is birthing fresh expectation… and he is saying “do you see it?”  Here comes the tsunami you’ve been waiting for.

In this season,  we will see a tsunami of His glory come.  Its time.  Believe Again.  Here comes the wave.

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries

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