Revival in Australia, Marriage and Divine Romance

Revival in Australia, Marriage and Divine Romance
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I had a powerful dream in 2013 that God is breathing fresh life on as its message remains poignant and relevant, and so I’m re-sharing it in entirety.

(Note: Bill Johnson and Bob Jones are referenced in this dream and are both representing the Fathers heart, and their messages I attribute to God and interpret them through this lens, not holding them personally accountable for what is said in a dream. I’ve taken the dream and described the heart intention with little interpretation as it mostly speaks for itself. I have removed some names and details)

The Dream: Australian Revival

Part 1:
A gathering of Australian Revival Leaders and Pioneers

The whole scene had a sacred feel to it, being set in a very ‘Lord of the Rings’ type council meeting and dripping with tangible expectation and electric excitement. There were many leaders gathered who I knew, and many I didn’t at the time… but it was an intimate gathering of those who were called in specifically for this hour. Each leader gathered was personally invited because of their heart for revival in Australia and what they have previously sown into this next move of God at great cost. Each leader gathered had significant influence in Australia and represented many others, each a kingdom hero in their own right and together there was a weighty sense of glory present. Many did not know each other until this gathering and it was significant that none was overlooked or left out. God himself had sifted and searched the nation to ensure none was forgotten, or missed or passed over. There was an unspoken knowing that the nation of Australia owed much to those gathered here. All those at this gathering were currently alive (though there was also an unspoken sense of standing on the shoulders of those who had gone before us). Each one gathered was one who was pushing and faithfully pressing in for the nation of Australia despite great and intense opposition that was written on battle weary faces. Much heightened conversation and anticipation was in the room.

Suddenly, there was a hush and a tremendous sense of honour rose as Bill Johnson and Bob Jones walked in. Everyone felt the weight of the moment, and thick glory filled the atmosphere.

Bill Johnson, who I knew even in the dream represented the Father and apostolic governmental order, slowly stepped forward and spoke with great authority. He thanked all for coming knowing it had not been easy to be here, and meticulously explained the following; “You are here because each one of you has paid a high price for revival in Australia and God has SEEN and acknowledges your sacrifice, and I am here to say “thank you”. The Father would have you know that He says thank you.”

There was silence. There were tears. There was a weighty fear of the Lord. There was humility, and a quiet sense of knowing that these ones would have carried on even without a thank you, and yet to hear this, meant so much. Such tangible honour was in the room as each one looked around with fresh eyes and new understanding, and really saw the hefty price each had paid to carry a torch for the next move of God. Some saw with new perspective. Peoples hearts broke. Honour rose. Tangible awe of God bubbled up, but more than this, a tangible awe of each others sacrifice broke out and years of pain seemed to wash away. Knowing tears fell. Healing tears fell. In this moment there was no tension or fears or competition…. only honour. Honour for each other seemed to take over the atmosphere, and as it did, electric excitement reached tipping point. There was a knitting together in a wave of honour. It was a new day for the nation of Australia.

Bill continued, “The Father wants you to hear He is thankful for what you have sown, sacrificed, carried and given, and He speaks honour over the high price you have paid that most have not seen. The reason you are gathered here today though is that the Father desires for you to not just hear thank you, but to hear that Revival is imminent. The Father wants to say thank you to you before revival breaks out. Your decrees and sacrifice have paved the way. Revival is imminent. You will soon look and see the fullness of this over Australia. Revival is imminent and the Father wanted to say thank you to you, before revival breaks. And He says, here comes the greatest move of God your nation has ever seen. Australia will see an unprecedented harvest and will walk in power as The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit. Here comes the wave.

There was a silence in the room as healing tears flowed… and then, excitement rose. There was an unspoken sense of gratefulness that the Father saw and knew the cost better than they had ever imagined, and nothing was overlooked by Him. Somehow these lives given in surrender had birthed this next great move. And there was an electric sense of hope rising…… revival was imminent. Harvest was here. Australia would be saved. Our time was now.

Bill prayed increase of honour over everyone gathered and spoke with such tender love to all present that each word dripped heavens presence and God’s great love of us and our nation. His words carried child-like excitement at what was about to happen in Australia and there was a knowing that the nations of the world would look and be amazed. The pioneers present suddenly realised this was a gathering to announce to His friends first, what God was about to do… those who had stood by Jesus even at great cost to their lives, family, health, finances and reputations. The Father knowing, seeing and understanding the often unseen cost, said thank you for not giving up. Thank you for standing. Thank you for continuing. And now, watch and see!

The fear of the Lord was marking each one with was a holy knowing that God was commissioning many into new authority to take the nation. There was a knowing there were those yet to come, those yet to rise, but those here were loved and celebrated and honoured by all heaven who knew their names and knew what their sacrifice was birthing. This was a gathering to announce, “REVIVAL IS IMMINENT”. This was a gathering to announce the Australian Revival that will impact the entire world. There was a sense in the dream this was but a heart beat away.

Honour is integral to this next move. Revival in Australia is imminent.

Part 2:

Then, Bob Jones came forward and stood next to Bill Johnson to address those gathered, and a holy hush and thickness of glory fell. The glory was palpable. A sudden sense of heavens atmosphere rushing in broke open, and everyone knew this was a God ordained moment to bring the heart of heaven and decree kingdom governmental order. Bob knew also that revival in Australia was imminent and the nations of the world would be amazed and he was here to announce breakthrough.

Bob in his usual voice but with great intensity of power and authority said, “I have just come from the presence of the Lord… and I’m here to tell you what’s on his mind”. Heavenly silence gripped our hearts.

Bob said, “Marriage”. “Marriage is on His mind”.

The tangible weightiness of God’s presence was potent as Bob spoke. There was an other worldly sense of awe and holiness. There was urgency to this gathering. There was urgency to this message.

Even in the dream there was an understanding this carried multiple meanings, and as Bob continued he discussed each meaning with compassion and urgency.

There was a call to prayer for marriage. Bob started by encouraging all there to keep praying saying much was being accomplished in the spirit, and the heart of the Father was moved. Our prayers were bringing breakthrough. We were to continue, and to be encouraged. We were not to give up. Our prayers were bringing breakthrough.

Bob looked around the gathering and compassionate eyes noticed those ministers who were older and/or long time single for varied reasons. He pointed to ministers who had faithfully served God and found themselves still waiting for a like hearted partner to serve God with. Some had been through divorce and Bob only looked with compassion. There was a knowing the prayers of his children had been heard. In this next move of God many leaders and faithful believers who were wanting to get married would find god-partners in revival. We would see an increase of god-given marriages. God had been moved by their prayers and faithfulness to Him. There was an urgency to pray in the partners for those who were believing to be married, especially ministers who had given their life to God. This weighed heavy on the Father and these prayers had reached His throne room.

Bob explained that there had been a mighty battle and a “hold up” in the heavenlies concerning godly partners for many. Many had felt like things were delayed, and they had been. But God was decreeing breakthrough in this area and calling in god-given partners for many faithful men and women. This would begin to shift. We would see many believers finding God given partners and revival would also see a sudden rise in marriages.

Bob looked again with compassion at many who had been long time single, releasing hope and reiterating there had been an intense battle regarding godly marriage. God was moved and breakthrough was coming. Exponential impact, joy and kingdom power would come as a result of godly partnering.

There was also a weighty urgency to pray for salvation and encounters over marriages where one partner was following the Lord and the other was not. The Father had great compassion for these ones and was calling in a time of intercession for encounters over unbelieving partners. There was a grace to speak salvation and glory encounters that brought these ones into destiny and new joy. God breathed destiny would awaken as both partners served the lord with equal joy and exponential impact. These prayers had been heard by the Father.

Marriage in general was on the Lord’s heart. It was important to speak favour and protection over families, especially those in ministry. This was precious to the Lord and there was urgency to sure up with prayer the marriages of believers. This was urgent. Marriage was precious to the Lord. There was a great compassion implied as Bob shared the prayers and pain of many hearts had reached heaven and the Father was deeply moved. This was a time to decree and pray for partners, marriages and new intimacy. Marriage was on the Lords heart.

Again, there was a sense that as we prayed for marriage there was a divine romance that the Father was releasing into this hour. Suddenly it was understood that this next revival would be marked by love and assault on marriage attacked an expression of divine romance on the earth. A pure divine love was about to transform the nation of Australia.

The wedding feast and ultimate marriage of His son to the bride, the church was on God’s mind. Their was a divine preparation taking place in this NOW season releasing fullness of love and the Father was fully engaged in every detail of the impending wedding as any Father of the Bride would be. No detail was too small. He dearly loved the bride and there was an implied sense that as the marriage date grew nearer, time was depleting to make preparations for the impending ceremony. Time was urgent. Many prayers had reached His ears. Marriage was on the mind of the Father.

And finally, there was the weightiest of glory on simply praying for “Marriage”. There was an urgency of heaven as there was much warfare regarding this issue, but equally a compassion of heaven, and a weighty decree from the Father’s throne room was shifting things. Agree with heaven and pray for marriage.

Marriage is on the Father’s heart and mind. It was understood that if marriage was on the Father’s heart, then marriage must be on our heart. There was urgency to pray for marriage in general and all that this represented, stood for and spoke into our communities and nation. There was a sense of impending urgency as this was under assault and yet there was also an urgency to pray and join with heaven in speaking Gods heart over marriage.

It is important to note that in this encounter there was no fear, only urgency. There was no anger, only compassion. There was no futility, only hope. With this in mind, we are invited to pray. This was imperative. Pray.

Those gathered knew the importance of this moment. God had spoken with urgency, holiness and compassion.

Part 3
Divine Romance

An understanding was released that this is pre-wedding season and all the excitement of any wedding will be evident in this next move of God; joy, laughter, beauty, fun, passion, excitement and contagious romance. Just as revival leaders have paid a price for this next move of God, the bride herself has paid a price and is weary and in need of reviving. She must not be left battered and bruised without help to heal and beautify herself to “walk down the prophetic aisle” fully ready. She is the honoured and celebrated love and joy of the Father and His heart toward her is only gentle despite her flaws and need of Him. The bride is beautiful even in her imperfections and the Father is delighted in her as she courageously readies herself and allows him to heal and strengthen her for the wedding feast. Many are being raised up as warriors of honour in this hour.  There would be a great outpouring of love healing hearts, healing hurts, healing disappointments, healing flaws and healing broken places.

The Father loves His bride. The church is cherished, desired and honoured. The bride is precious to Him and her beauty is not diminished by her struggles and her flaws, as simultaneously the Father is restoring, reviving and bringing forth new purity. Many are those that would attack her, and many will be amazed as an outpouring of glory overtakes the church and reveals a bride of such intense purity and glory. In love will her weaknesses be made strengths, and her flaws be transformed as God himself beautifies His bride, the church. The bride will be transformed, healed, ready and will be honoured. A new love and fierce loyalty of this brave bride will rise as she rises strong and full of glory. The Father is tenderly transforming His church in this hour, releasing purity and courage, and preparing her for her greatest days.  A bride of intense beauty is rising, and a divine romance will transform the heart of this nation.

Marriage is on the heart of the Lord. His bride is getting ready and the Father is raising up those who would speak tenderly and not harshly in the process of her transforming. Grace and mercy are her bridesmaids. Glory is her crown. A divine romance is about to breakout and the world will fall in love with the story of a God who profoundly loves. God is wooing in a harvest and we are about see the greatest love story unfold in our midst. Unprecedented revival is about to break out, and it will be known as being the most profound, most joyful, divine romance. This revival will be marked by love. It will engage and compel the world to look again. They will look again at His bride…. for she is lovely, and He is beautiful. It will compel the “church” to look again, for the bride is far more lovely than they imagined as is The Father.  A divine love affair between heaven and earth will unfold.  Love will change the way we speak, and how we see. The Fathers love is unmerited and un-contained, and He is about to host the most incredible love feast, inviting all to look again and see a God who loves. Extreme honour will return. Perfectionism will be far removed. His bride will host His glory with such exquisite beauty compelling broken hearts to hope again. His bride is not tossed aside, her beauty is being transformed from glory to glory even now. Imperfections do not detract from her beauty but allow His glory to shine more authentically. Marriage is on the heart of the Lord and his beloved bride is integral to the feast. God has been searching to and fro and  preparing hearts both believers and not yet for harvest.  The harvest is ripe.

Be ready, a heavenly romance is about to win the harvest in Australia. When marriage is on the mind of God, a divine romance is about to break out. God will romance Australia back to fullness of life and love.

Australia, you are about to be wooed and won, by the Fathers love. The nation of Australia is about to be astonished by a good good Father.

Australia, revival is now.

(Whilst this dream was first received and released in mid 2013, I have recently felt compelled by the Spirit to share this this again.  I sense the urgency to pray as one body of believers. Its time to pray for revival and harvest with expectation that this has already begun. Its time to pray for marriage with renewed passion and urgency. I hear the urgency of heaven still hovering over this dream and Gods desire for honour to rise over the nation of Australia in every sphere of influence. May we be the bride honour each other and pray as one. Revival is now.)

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