Your Voice Is A Weapon

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(When praying into 2018 I suddenly saw this vision and I tried to put it in words… and then again last night I saw the same vision and I felt /saw the ground rumble in my spirit, and so I felt to release what I saw… be blessed)

I see dark clouds part and I hear a voice that thunders… A holy rumble is released.

And then I hear a voice arising that pierces darkness and as I look I see a bride dressed and ready, and wielding a sharp, strong and effective weapon. As I listen I realise the weapon she wields is her voice! For she is shouting, declaring, decreeing, announcing, urging, arms flailing as if directing the very atmosphere and speaking forth “on earth as it is in my Fathers house!” It was evident this warrior knew her creator by name and carried the family inheritance. As she speaks heaven listens, and nations are awakening as hearts are stirred. As she speaks, I watch the earth transform and receive her words.

This voice I hear is not timid, reserved or unsure…. it is bold, wild, and determined… it imparts courage and commands attention! There is a sureness that eradicates fear and a hope that imparts a tangible substance.

As I watch her raise her weapon, a resolve comes over her. I hear her loudly shout, “ENOUGH!!!!”

Her command silences all other noise as suddenly I’m aware it’s quiet and the air itself feels pregnant…. the ground it seems is listening and has been waiting a long time for this sound. And in this moment the sound of one who shouts echoes and resonates across the earth as I watch a multitude awaken.

They come from the caves, they come from the wilderness, they come from the threshing field, they come from the mountain tops, but they come. Each one bears wounds and scars yet as they come, what once was pain is now golden tears… and they gather.

I look again and see an army come to attention, immediately ready for war. A great and mighty company, forged in fire and battle ready. They draw their swords and wait their command. I too wonder and wait… what will their orders be? I turn to see the warrior bride still standing with her face to heaven and I see her raise her weapon once again and anticipation grips my heart as I realise she is about to shout!!…… “CHARGE!” The command goes out…. CHARGE!

My insides shake with the intensity of her command and immediately as though one, the army drop to their knees! Knee after knee, person after person, drops to their knees and prays…. a chorus of urgent cries, yet powerfully beautiful, are released to Jesus.

I look and see a sea of arms raised across the land from church to home to cities to street corners, and a sound like thunder reverberates as with one voice… intense shouts go out to heaven. Urgency grips the army and I listen as their cry is many and yet it sounds like one. Some have not used their weapon in a while and they wonder will it still work…. some were told they should never speak like this…. some were bruised by things that should not be, and others hurt from wrongs they never fully understood…… some felt entrapped or broken from dreams long ago let go…. yet as they opened wide their mouths the sound of hearing others emboldens them.

A thunderous roar that seems to only escalate as many dare to hope shakes the earth and awakens even those who look like they are dead. As the army charges I realise their weapons are sharper than any sword I have seen before and their shout is piercing heaven…. their shout causes me to catch my breath as I ponder, who is this brave voice I see arising in this hour? Who is she who carries pain as a precious and costly offering to her King. Who can stand in the way of this anointed one? Surely no weapon formed against this army shall stand. Their weapons speak darkness into light.

I look one last time and hear the warrior bride shout one last impassioned command……

I hear a shout that rumbles… a shout that seems to never end but thunders louder the longer it continues. Within this shout is expectation, anticipation, and energised hope that was tangible. It activated, resonated and released a sound that awakened an army across the nations! I looked at faces….multitudes of faces…. young, old, children, mums, dads and families all standing together……. but they were ready……. they were expectant……. they broke my heart as I realised what it took for each one to be standing in this moment…….. but they stood. And together, they were powerful!

And as I stared longer at this army ready for their greatest battle, I saw their swords transform to sickles, rakes and burrows, pitch forks and tools I’d never seen before but knew they carried such expertise and mastery of skill.

Instead of pain and battle weariness, now I see only joy and reward. On every warrior was placed medals for unseen battles fought at great sacrifice. But each face emanated peace and raw excitement I didn’t fully understand…… these ones were born for this….. yes together there was a golden glow that rested over them….. the glory of the Lord rested well on these.

Again I glanced and saw the warrior standing on the mountain, sword raised and then I saw another………. His armour was white and shining and glistened and as He raised His sword the very atmosphere it seemed to lean in anticipating every word……

I caught my breath….. I whispered his Name…… and I heard the army ROAR……………

Our Warrior
Our King
The Roar thunders through the nations
JESUS, mighty to save

And then I hear the sweetest yet most powerful command of all…………..
The Warrior stands and suddenly there is only silence….. a holy hush….. an anticipation that has built upon the ages waiting for these words……

Jesus looks with piercing furious love at the army as a whole, and yet His gaze saw every person and His eyes looked deep into their souls with life giving love….. and then Warrior Jesus shouts into all the earth with a command that darkness fears……

“Look to the HARVEST!!!!
I have made the harvest ready…
Be not afraid
The harvest is ready!”

And I heard a sound of joy as an army ran into the fields and reaped a mighty harvest…. each field looked vastly different but each field had been made ready. I looked and saw an army weeping, yet they were tears of overcoming joy….. harvest was upon them and God’s family was running HOME!

The earth shook and people woke up as if from a dream…..

“Look at all the people coming—
now is harvest time!” John 4:35

Shout even louder
Victory is upon you
And harvest at our door
The harvest prophesied for generations, and the season you were born for
this hour is not one of defeat but one of victory and deep joy……
It’s your harvest time!
Go, and reap a harvest.

“And he said to them, “As you go into all the world, preach openly the wonderful news of the gospel to the entire human race!” Mark 16:15

Matthew 18:18
“Receive this truth: Whatever you forbid on earth will be considered to be forbidden in heaven,[a] and whatever you release on earth will be considered to be released in heaven.”

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries

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