The Seven Fold Return

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“But if he [the thief] is caught, he must pay back seven times what he stole, even if he has to sell everything in his house.” Proverbs 6.31 

As we enter a new prophetic season of double portion and restitution, there is restoration for you. As you lean into previous words that God has spoken over your destiny and believe for harvest, there is a divine restitution that is being poured out, even a seven-fold return. This restitution speaks to any sphere where a stealing of promise has taken place such as relationship and family connection, health, finances and wealth creation, reputation, creative output, strategic initiatives, and ministry or business resourcing and favour. Speak over these areas of your life that have been ravaged by the enemy and decree the day of divine restitution.

Many have experienced a long past season where it has felt like the thief has run riot in your life, finances and family, but a new season is upon you. We are crossing into new breakthrough where the thief’s strategies are being revealed so as to break off this hold and restitution of that which was lost is taking place. Agree with heaven and lean into past and present promises and DECREE these over your life with renewed hope. Its a time for hope to rise as we “taste and see” the sweetness of divine restoration. The thief has been found out in this hour, and God is breathing fresh invigoration to you. Many have almost given up hope of restoration. Hope again the Spirit would say. You WILL taste and see. Decree the Spirit would say. Decree and you will See.

First the thief is found out. Then the restitution.
Fresh revelation is yours as God is revealing hidden tactics of the enemy and shining light on strategies that have brought ruin and demise for far too long.  Recognising this is half the battle.  The thief has moved under the cover of darkness, but that which was hidden is being revealed as his glory is increasing. This is allowing for new prayer strategies, and sudden turnarounds. Confusion and fear are being conquered in this season, as we gain the upper hand in prayer. Where the enemy has seemed to move with little resistance, prayer warriors and strategic worship hot spots are rising all over the nations that are combatting and obliterating the enemies strongholds. Breakthrough worship and revival hot spots are increasing. Expect to receive revelation HOW to pray in this season. Decree is a powerful tool in the spiritual arsenal releasing breakthrough. Give Him permission to bring restoration as He sees fit and give permission in your heart for this to look new and carry an original design from heaven. All the Father creates is good, including your future and His remodelling in your life.

It’s encouraging that this verse says there is a seven-fold return. I love that seven means “divine perfection, completion and rest”. In this season, the restitution being poured out is a completion of “every good work” (Phil 1:6) and a divine perfecting of destiny purposes over your life. A God designed perfecting and completing! Its a time to rest in this blessing and God breathed restitution that is coming increasingly upon His children. Decree this completion and spiritual perfecting. God is brilliantly equipped to turn what looks impossible and forever lost, into a new era of blessing and restitution that will so surpass the past season, that all the sting of loss will be removed and replaced with new joy. Its a season of completed restoration…. not half completion… COMPLETION! Simply put, God may do this in a way you are not suspecting, or least suspecting, but he will bring breakthrough and restitution.  Let your hope rest in Him.  Decree this over you and your family.

If for instance the thief has stolen financial favour from you this is an indicator of where to decree restitution. Their is a restoration of financial favour for you and an anointing to walk in new freedom and authority in this realm. If it is health, for instance in the area of digestive and intestinal health, then not only is there a season of healing but a time to decree increase of anointing and authority to walk in a faith assignment of healing to this exact area of disease. There is a harvest of healing in the area of intense attack for you to release. Begin decreeing harvest. Begin decreeing restitution and increase of breakthrough. The area that the enemy has thought he won his best victories in your life is about to receive the greatest breakthroughs as restitution of harvest is poured out. Suddenlies of breakthrough will turn around circumstances and situations. The thief has had his day. God is trumping all that the enemy has done and divine turnarounds are breaking out. Put a demand in the spirit for the seven fold return of that which was lost, stolen and broken. There is increased breakthrough for you.

Thank you for new breakthrough today. We lean into every promise over our life and we decree a new season of restoration over every area of our lives. We will walk in increasing favour with finance, and divine connections. We will walk in increasing grace and restoration in all our family and in relational connections. We speak increasing health and invigoration over our body and soul and increase of healing anointing to release heaven on earth over all I meet. I speak divine alignment over my destiny and an increasing grace of breakthrough in all I am called to. I will walk in increasing favour and encounter your goodness in the land of the living. Where the thief has stolen, I receive divine restitution and increasing hope and joy as I see you God pour out a completion of every good thing you have begun in my life. I decree fullness of purpose and fullness of resourcing for every word spoken over my life, and my loved ones. You are a faithful Father and as I lean into your goodness and glory I will increasingly encounter your supernatural strengthening and grow in intimate connection to your heart. I love you God and decree hope rising, first love increasing, and new hunger to fall deeper in love with you. As I continually surrender my life to God, I speak ever increasing breakthrough over my life in Jesus name. Amen and amen.

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