2017 Prophetic Hope: Abundant Harvest

2017 Prophetic Hope: Abundant Harvest
© Pour It Out Ministries


“You crown the year with a bountiful harvest;
even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.” Psalm 65:11

This is a season of ABUNDANT HARVEST and a divine RESET where God is restoring what the enemy has stolen. He is ALIGNING people for increased flow of blessing and favour, and positioning people ready for sudden breakthroughs. It is time for take off into destiny promise. This is more than just a new season but a NEW ERA in the Kingdom and much will look different on the other side of this transition. Much change will take place in hearts and values prioritised as God’s glory revisits His people in power. There is a call right now to partner with Heaven and ride the wave of revival, decree His promises and purposefully position ourselves for acceleration. For those who partner with His presence this will be the greatest season of joy, breakthrough and life releasing suddenlies.


As the clocked ticked over into 2017, I saw a clear vision of God’s hands pushing through the night sky and releasing a golden glory cloud on the earth. There was electricity coursing through the cloud and golden light emanating from it. His hands were wide open signalling a new season released (“dropped”) and I understood it was a gift to be received. There was an immediate understanding His revival glory had just intensified on the earth. In the encounter, my heart was marked by an URGENCY to call in and receive fully what the Father is releasing. Revival is available for those who say yes and pay the price. God is actively looking to pour out revival glory on people and places who will receive and allow Him to move. His hands and the glory cloud were over the top of a huge bridge in the vision, signalling that the veil between heaven and earth is thin in this hour. God is calling His people to decree “let it be on earth as it is in heaven” with new passion, as our prophetic decree is bridging the two realms and releasing heaven’s bounty and directives. God has released a season shift with new assignments, expectations, directives, mantles, and fresh waves of power and glory available.  There is an invitation for more, and an urgency to respond and take hold of this.

It’s time to decree a thing and see it established on the earth (Job 22:28). Let’s not just see a new year in….. let’s decree a new seasonal shift of bountiful harvest! THIS IS NOT JUST A NEW YEAR OR EVEN A NEW SEASON, IT IS AN EPIC SHIFT IN THE KINGDOM. Decree God’s promises over you, your family and your nation.

The importance of declaring the word & promise of the Lord in this season is tantamount. Creative authority is given to the believer as we partner with heaven and decree God’s purposes in our life and sphere’s of influence. Great emphasis will be on prophetic intercession and decree as God raises up houses of prayer that will significantly effect the destiny of nations. God is restoring great influence back to the voice of believers and His prophets. Those who steward this rise of influence will see great acceleration and favour added to their lives. Fear and intimidation is being defeated in this hour by anointed courage. A new freedom to speak and announce truth and God’s heart for the nations is being released.


On the morning of December 27 2016, I was awakened by the sound of loud, church bells ringing. I immediately knew they were Freedom Bells. It was a beautiful and yet compelling way to wake up. In the midst of its repetitious beauty, the bells carried a compelling urgency to “wake up” and respond! A sound out of heaven is announcing a new season for the body of Christ! Freedom bells are ringing. Liberty to every area of your life that needs redemption and restoration. God is awakening His people not just for national revival, but for personal revival that brings personal breakthrough!  The bells usher in breakthrough!

2017 will be marked by a sound of freedom and breakthrough.  Breakthroughs will begin in every sphere of society. Fear and intimidation that has run rampant in the body is being dismantled. Captivity chains are breaking. It’s time for liberty. Justice and Joy ambassadors are arising. Houses of revival carrying authentic freedom will arise and hope will spread like wildfire. In fact, voices that refuse to release hope and lean into God’s heart for His people and His bride, will lose traction and influence in this season.


A BELL loudly sounds out a call. It’s used to ANNOUNCE things like the time to assemble, (as in church bells), or announce someone’s presence, (as in a front door bell), or announce a notable event (as in a royal wedding). Freedom and awakening bells are announcing a season shift! There is a TRANSITION taking place into a new wineskin and a new normal. The next wave of revival and reformation is upon us. A sound is ringing out of heaven to announce the beginning of a season shift that will lead us into a new normal that will be marked by a sense of before and after.

Many will even hear in the spirit or have dreams of; bells, ringing, knocking, shofars, clanging of cymbals and other supernatural sounds as God trumpets in and announces the new and calls people to pray. This is an urgent clarion call to intercede, decree and partner with heaven.

Those who anchor in Him will discover new realms of peace, favour and breakthrough upon breakthrough. The need to hear His voice is imperative as the media & popular voices will increasingly be out of alignment with what God is saying and directing. Despite disfunction and chaos being evident in our nations, those who carry hope will carve out pathways of successful stories of breakthrough.

Sudden promotions and kingdom reassignments will change the current landscape as God breathes freshness and apostolic order that will change how many things look, sound and even feel. With this will be an increase of power and manifest presence that will transform many regions. A surge of church planting and revival fire will break out. Much will happen quickly as new normals are established.

The wine is becoming more potent and so the wineskin is indeed transforming to carry greater glory and many will feel this stretching. It follows, that the wineskin is not diminishing in significance as some would suppose, but growing in importance. God’s heart is for His house. The wine He is pouring out liberally is potent and powerful! Church gatherings that honour His presence will rise to a new strength, and many will be surprised by His kindness and power to turn around situations. The church is indeed transforming, however it is God’s kindness and love as this upgrade is for the purpose of carrying greater glory and harvest. His church will not diminish but rise in influence. Those who honour His presence, He will honour. God is honouring His faithful.  God’s heart is to see the wine stewarded well in new season wineskins, and so He is upgrading hearts, systems, strategy, alignment, mindsets and processes. Stewardship of greater glory will transform, position for upgrade, and accelerate many.

This is a time of strength being added. Drinking liberally and building joyfully will partner in this season as Houses where His presence is honoured will gain great momentum and strength. Many strategic alliances and relationships are taking place that will catapult people into destiny, and strategic synergy. Many will find their people and tribe, and enter a new season of thriving. His House is very much on His heart as He loves His bride and has not forsaken her.


The bells I heard that awakened me immediately reminded me of this old Christmas Carol; CHRISTMAS BELLS ARE RINGING, or sometimes known as A Carol of Bells (a beautiful, compelling & repetitious carol). The words and sound of this carol prophetically decree a season of bold & urgent proclamation of HARVEST, evangelism, joy, unity, and kingship of Jesus.  There is an urgency in the spirit to awaken, decree and prepare.  The window of opportunity in the spirit requires those who will exploit it and take action.

“Ring Christmas bells
Merrily ring
Tell all the world
Jesus is king
Loudly proclaim
With one accord
The happy tale
Welcome the lord
… tell it to all, in every tongue
Ring Christmas bells
Toll loud and long
Your message sweet
Heal and prolong
….Herald the news
Jesus is king….
Ring, ring, and ring Christmas bells
Ring, ring, and ring Christmas bells”

…. and so on and so on…..

WHY THIS CHRISTMAS CAROL LORD? (interesting prophetic discovery)

I wondered why the Lord would wake me to BELLS and a Christmas carol AFTER Christmas?!!… However, I knew the Lord was speaking.

This particular Christmas carol and it’s lyrics has an interesting history. Most sources credit this song to the Ukrainian composer Mykola Dmytrovich Leontovych back in 1916. It originated as a Ukrainian choral chant called ‘Shchedryky’ (which means BOUNTIFUL!) before it was later re-written as a Christmas carol. And guess what?…… it was initially sung as a New Year’s Eve song!!! Did you catch that?……. it was originally intended to be sung ON NEW YEARS EVE!

The original lyrics told a story of a swallow that would fly from home to home and announce to the household a bountiful new year! This past 2016/17 New Years Eve was also incredibly the 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this song! God never forgets His promises and He is calling us to decree promise and truth over this season from the outset. Mark your season with declaration of promise and boldly decree destiny.

God is not only ANNOUNCING A BOUNTIFUL AND ABUNDANT NEW SEASON UPON YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, BUT HE IS UNCOVERING AND RESTORING ORIGINAL INTENTION AND PURPOSES IN YOUR LIFE. God has not forgotten your call, promises, and destiny. Many will find the season of “unfulfilled” shift suddenly into “breakthrough now” as breakthrough upon breakthrough is released over this next year. There is a sound of Awakening being released from heaven. Decree Abundant Harvest to you and your family!

God is restoring, realigning and readjusting people back to the original purposes and intentions. He has NOT forgotten your destiny, promises or the purpose for which you were born. Many will see 20 and 30 year promises uncovered and fulfilled in this season. Many will see promises made manifest that they indeed have forgotten themselves. Many will find themselves saying, “I was born for this”, and “this is what I am made for!” There is grace for God’s original purposes in your life to be rebooted and reset with fresh momentum. God is orchestrating a divine reset wiping out the effects of what the enemy has thrown against you, and restoring back what the enemy has stolen. Embrace this season of divine favour to go after what God originally intended and promised. In addition, the past season has added wisdom and strength, and so as God restores and authors new beginnings, your faithfulness in the past season is the seed of harvest in the next. As you sense the upswing of acceleration, boldly move forward.

This is not just harvest time, but BOUNTIFUL HARVEST time. The “Generous One” is proclaiming a bountiful 2017 over YOUR family!!! The seeds of the past season will bear fruit. The baskets will be not just full, but overflowing. Expect good because He is good and His plans for you are good! Sow bountifully as God decrees a bountiful harvest, as this will shift your expected harvest for more than just this season. A new normal is being established. God is raising up wealth creators and kingdom prosperity that truly will be a blessing on the earth and establish many in their purposes and promises. Do not give way to fear in this season. Take ground. Move forward in boldness. Expect return and doors to open. Decree harvest for yourself and your family.

God, our Generous Father, is reshaping how you see Him in 2017. He is the generous one! His generous love will mark you this year as His kindness woos your heart and causes you to see Him with new eyes. Heaven’s bounty is being released and many will be surprised by the extent of the Lord’s favour, shifting long-term situations and circumstances. Many long awaited promises will suddenly shift as resources and provisions are released. Even a sudden release of BODY PARTS NEEDED will bring a creative miracle explosion of breakthrough and corporate faith increase.

A new spirit of generosity will rise in the body of christ as we see God as the original Generous One! This will be a circuit breaker in many communities, cities and regions of long-term financial stresses and cycles of “one step forward, two steps backward”. The media will report of economic rewiring that is taking place as expectations rise. God loves our cities and regions and He is decreeing HOPE restored.

Traditionally church bells ringing has meant that IT’S TIME TO GATHER. The Spirit is indeed calling His church to GATHER in this season and RISE TO THE SEASON. The bride will gain momentum as she gathers and sets aside any offence, disappointments and enemy assignment intended to divide and steal united strength and joy. God is releasing a profound kingdom assignment TO GATHER NOT SCATTER. Hearts will be restored and healed. The main thing will become the main thing! Renewed importance and urgency of gathering will increase and not diminish as many have supposed. There has been a great attack unleashed against the foundational ethos of church and God is shining light on the benefits of “tribe”, kingdom government, and gathering together. There will be a new love and honour for the bride that will arise. Dishonour will be broken as honour arises. Offence, division, critical spirits, dishonour, disunity and every spirit coming against the broader church will lose momentum as a fresh wave of love and intercession for the bride arises! There has been a brutal civil war in the church but a new sound is arising. God is transforming the wineskin, but not to destroy her or see her demise… it is to see her shine as never before.

This is preparation for the Harvest that is upon us. A thriving church is needed more than ever. God is announcing a new era TO GATHER NOT SCATTER. The scattering spirit will be identified and uncovered. God is strengthening his church and restoring joy. It is time TO GATHER NOT SCATTER. THE BELLS ARE RINGING AND DECREEING GATHER NOT SCATTER. God is calling in His people from the caves, and from one foot in, to two feet in.  God is reminding us He loves His bride.  He is restoring a spirit of honour to his bride.


Just as God’s house is on His heart in this season, so is your house. God is restoring the long held promises over your family. There will be an acceleration of salvations, divine encounters, healing, God dreams, and restoration of original identity and purpose in YOUR FAMILY. It’s harvest time in your own family. God would have you know, He has not forgotten your families. FAMILY is on God’s heart. Expect transformational God encounters even in those you have considered the least likely. Many whole families will encounter God almost simultaneously as faith for “you and your household” is released. Decree what God is saying. This will ultimately effect the broader conversation on family and restore vision and hope for healthy family in our communities.

This is a year of joy restored! Child like joy will revive your soul. God is restoring joy as an essential kingdom life foundation to build upon. Joy will mark your call and cause you to dream again. This will bring fresh strength and reboot His people.

“The joy of the Lord is our strength” (Nehemiah 8:10) and so where there has been great need of strengthening there will also be great pouring out of joy. Be ready to laugh again. In the hardest of places is where the greatest joy will rise.

The wine is becoming more potent and will restore many hearts. Its time to get aligned with houses of glory and revival NOW, and be all in! Drink and drink again of His presence because it’s needed for this season of transition. A renewed emphasis on building and preparing for the harvest will arise, but not at the expense of drinking of what He is pouring out. Drinking liberally and building joyfully go together in this season.  God is restoring spirit AND truth, freedom AND responsibility, power AND presence.

Upgraded strength like Samson to overcome the enemy will be ushered in as emphasis on drinking liberally of his presence is released. Judges 15:19 says, “When Samson drank, his strength returned and he revived”.

A wave of His manifest presence is being released. Just as King David danced and celebrated as the ark of the covenant was returned to the centre of life in the Kingdom, His presence is returning up front and centre to our lives and gatherings. Some will scoff and think the celebration is undignified, but MANY will discover His goodness in the land of the living as they encounter His Presence as they’ve not known before. There is an invitation to go after the more of Him and set aside “fear of man”. Those who unashamedly honour His presence in this season will themselves be honoured as God rewards those who diligently seek Him. Much “reward” is being distributed in this season to many faithful lovers of Him that have held on through hard seasons. God is restoring back what the enemy stole and many will look and be amazed at the seemingly overnight restorations that will take place.

As a divine reset is rolled out God is recalibrating His people. There is a “wiping the slate clean” that is taking place and grace to “begin again”, except with the strength gained from the last season of warfare added unto you. God is removing that which is not helpful, necessary or healthy in this season as he upgrades hearts and minds to receive new directives, priorities and kingdom assignments, or rebirth of forgotten dreams. This season will establish many in their sweet spot.  For some this will feel uncomfortable as stretching will happen suddenly. Anchor in Him. The new normal is learning to live in some degree of “uncomfortable” as normal. Take hold of this reset and dream again. Stir up fresh faith. Grab hold of this opportunity in the spirit and be bold.

Night watchers are being awakened and called to their post. Many will increasingly find themselves being awakened at different hours to pray. Many will sense the urgency of the hour to pray. God is creatively calling in the prophetic intercessors and establishing a world wide network of prayer that will usher in God’s objectives. Entire church bodies will be marked by prayer. All night prayer gatherings will organically happen. There is a secret weapon being unleashed in this season… His bride is rediscovering the power of unified prayer and decree. The veil is thin between heaven and earth in this season and there is great urgency to partner with heaven and decree. Long believed for breakthroughs will breakout. As many answer the URGENCY to intercede,  the course of nations will be shifted.

Just as the prophet Elisha (2 Kings 13) told the King to pick up his arrows and strike the ground, there are God assignments to strike the ground again in this season. There was a direct link between the number of times the ground was struck and the extent of victory. A new breed of courageous, “never say die” revival “ground strikers” are being released. Their resolve to strike and strike and strike again despite the cost will usher in new levels of national breakthrough. The giants that have seemed out of reach, will in this season be taken as the Ground Strikers arise. There will be entire church communities marked by this boldness of heart that will become catalysts of kingdom advancement. The warfare has been intense as your breakthrough leads to a harvest of breakthroughs, however God is building a new upgraded prayer shield that will bring relief and grace, and release the breaker anointing. Strike the ground again. This is breakthrough season.

God is marking many with profound and contagious faith for the impossible. The spirit of Elijah is marking many to do the “even greater exploits”. Impossible Specialists who look at mountains and see not with fear but faith for the miraculous are arising on mass. The things that have been considered “that can’t happen” will increasingly happen with ease and amaze many. We have entered the days where those who carry His glory will stand out as they carry hope and power to shift the impossible.

There is a grace for hearing God with clarity just now. Revelation and creative strategising with Him is flowing with fresh ease. Take time and lean into His voice and partner with Him in planning out your season. God is building powerful hubs of revival and wells of hope. Strategic alignments and destiny decisions are being made right now. Ask God for His wisdom and steward your season well. God is birthing kingdom alliances that will powerfully transform the landscape as we know it. This is a season of quickly hearing and doing what the Lord directs, as He is setting us up for exponential breakthrough. Let heaven breath life, hope and destiny on your 2017! Lean in for divine strategy and God ideas that will bring sudden breakthrough.

Acceleration is upon His people. This is going to be a year of rapid change and suddenlies that astound you just how kind God really is! Much will happen swiftly. When you sense this upswing of acceleration, move forward into God’s purposes boldly. Take ground. Courageously advance into promises and don’t give fear any influence in your destiny. Anointed courage is available right now. ACCELERATION IS ACTIVATED BY FAITH.

It is important in this season to be aligned where God wants you, and be all in. As God brings acceleration over His purposes, it’s important to be headed in the right direction and aligned wholeheartedly to those He has appointed.

On the other side of acceleration is establishment and victory over past giants. Just as Elijah “ran faster than a chariot” (1 Kings 18) into the city of Jezreel, many will experience this same acceleration. Jezreel is where Jezebel met her final demise. The giants of the past will meet their demise as God accelerates life purposes in this season. Do not fear the season, but take a hold of it with great hope and bold faith as God establishes you in the “land of your promise”. Take off the old shoes and put on the new, even where this requires personal growth. An upgrade of strength requires an upgrade of trust in God. The giants of the past season will not follow you into the new as you position yourself for swift upgrade.

A launching into new favour and a surge of momentum will rocket many into new breakthrough. Explosive favour is available to take flight into destiny and finally “get off the ground”. Some will literally see prophetic signs such as “747” and other creative signs that will confirm God’s word to you.

The spirit of Elijah, as in a spirit of prophetic power and restoration, will mark many. God is marking entire communities with this spirit of Elijah. Many will say “wow” as awe and bold faith is restored to the body. Restoration of the house, restoration of families, restoration of kingdom purposes, restoration of His glory and profound creative miracles…… this is going to be a great season of restoration!


As the Hebrew year 5777 and 2017 converge there is a prophetic emphasis on completion which is the meaning of 7. There is fresh grace to bring completion to long held promises and fullness of restoration of what the enemy has stolen. New beginnings in the spirit are being unfolded. And just as Elijah decreed a break to the drought, and it was his 7th decree that saw the rainclouds finally appear, we are prophetically on the 7th decree in our nations. This is a time of the abundance of rain in the nations as revival breaks the spiritual droughts. It is important to note that it was the sound of heavy rain that was the signal of a new season of abundance of rain, not the rain itself! Make room NOW (even if just in your heart) for what God is about to do. Abundant harvest is upon us. Make room and prepare now.


The sound of rain is the signal to “run hard after God’s purposes”…. not the rain itself. If you wait for the heavy rain before stepping out, you yourself may still walk in grace, but the window to prepare for the harvest will be missed. It’s time to prepare and build and make room for more than just ourselves…… the HARVEST IS COMING! REVIVAL WILL BREAKOUT. It’s time! It’s time to be like Noah and build for those we do not yet see but will!

Literally as I stepped off the plane and landed in San Francisco in November 2016, I heard His Spirit say, “I WILL RESTORE ALL THAT HAS BEEN LOST”

As I heard these words, the steward literally chased after me yelling in the airport to return a silver bangle I unknowingly left on the plane! I immediately decreed this out loud!!! GOD WILL RESTORE ALL THAT HAS BEEN LOST. God is restoring back all that has been lost, broken or stolen in the nation of America. Even that which many haven’t even realised was lost will be returned. Silver represents redemption, and God is trumpeting out a season of redemption over America’s destiny. This season is a bridge that is positioning the nation to rise in influence and original purpose as a catalyst of freedom, reformation and courage. This is a season of rapid restoration in every sphere and restorative power to bring healing. America’s voice of influence will be restored. Hope will return to the homes and general conversation of the nation. Revival will sweep the nation again as hope rises.

I hear the Father singing this song sung by Stephanie Gretzinger (Bethel Music) over America
“What was lost is not lost forever,
what was stolen from you, He restores completely”

GOD IS BREATHING LIFE OVER YOU. You will not just live again, you will thrive.
There is a grace to push past limitations and restraints, and redefine how things are done in this hour.  The impossible ceiling of yesterday is today the place to launch from. This includes in the spirit, so extend the borders of your faith. Deliberately think outside the box, and you will redefine normal in your sphere of influence.  Dreamers & pioneers, this next 5 years is fertile ground to extend and take ground.

The harvest is ripe and many harvesters will be released this year. Australia is ripe for revival as hearts are hungry for authentic encounter, and there is a door open for revival. Revival will spring up in many cities and regions over this next season. Even as God has already been birthing revival in Australia, this will further spread like contagious wild fire. Australia will pioneer a move of REVIVAL that will impact the nations, and the nations will come to receive this sweet, yet potent wine.

With the fresh emphasis on sonship in Australia, this will lead to healthy mindsets of family and church, rather than isolation, competitive and individualistic thinking. The wineskin is being transformed but unto strength, not demise. His presence and power is about to be poured out over Australia in such force that many will be taken by surprise and fall deeply in love with Jesus. Many are already experiencing personal revival, and preparing for increase.  This is a “wild ride of your life year” for Australia.  God is doing a quick work and recalibrating the landscape.  A divine “shuffling and repositioning” of key influencers is taking place. God is aligning those marked to pioneer the next wave and they will engineer national breakthroughs whilst honouring and propelling each other forward. Australia has sown many of her best to other nations, and there is a returning of harvest to our shores.  A simultaneous shift over the nation to accommodate, nurture and facilitate a new breed of bold pioneer is happening. I see “birthing hubs’ arising in Australia carrying the pioneer spirit, that will gather, nurture and release those called to shape the nation who are of a different spirit than we’ve seen before.  These will lop the head off giants that have contained, divided, and suppressed Australia for too long. An assignment to take the nation has been released and a new breed is arising now.  Honour will be elevated.  Dishonour will be revealed.  Greatness will arise. Creativity will eclipse that of the past season and solutions to seemingly unfixable issues will suddenly appear.  The uniqueness of Australia will be defined and shine in this season, and many will be attracted to that certain Aussie spirit.

God is raising up equipping houses for the Aussie revivalists and reformers, and they will impact the nations.  He is also establishing the Aussie voice on the world stage. There is a pure worship and healing movement reminiscent of the Jesus movement arising, focused on His presence. It will transform the kingdom landscape and see an unprecedented harvest of souls, especially youth. Joy and hope will mark this movement as will worship that releases anthems that will capture the heart beat of regular Aussies. These hubs of revival will break out all over the nation. Where there has been revival fire before, there will be fresh outbreaks of even greater intensity as this was just a taste of what is to come. Strike the ground again! This time the fire will be an inferno.

I see Sydney being highlighted for revival glory.  The centre of Australia will be a sign and wonder to the nation. Regional and outback areas will have outbreaks of revival that draw in many from great distances, including the main cities.  Previous places of revival fire will be revisited by even greater fire.

This is a season of REVIVAL FIRE!

The Father is proclaiming an epic shift in the Kingdom. God is awakening the nations. Freedom and breakthrough is being proclaimed as we enter a new season of revival NOW! ABUNDANT HARVEST!  The winds of change are blowing and ushering in unprecedented revival and harvest. Breakthrough, acceleration, strength, harvest, restoration, restitution, alignment, multiplication and increase will all mark this next season.  The next wave of revival is about to hit our shores. It’s time! It’s abundant harvest time! We receive all that you are declaring Lord and say YES! Be expectant.

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries

(*My own church community at Pour It Out Church, Sunshine Coast Australia, has been humbled to experience extended revival outpouring that broke out Jan 3, 2016 and became known as The Pineapple Revival. This has marked us and only added to our passion for more, and to see the next wave of revival breakout all over our nation. We know there is more!  We see this revival outbreak as a sign of what God is going to increasingly pour out in many places all over Australia and in the nations in 2017. We are also aware that in the last 12 months revival fire has broken out in several places around the world and this is increasing.  We honour every faithful revivalist in our nation, and speak harvest over every seed and prayer sown for nation wide revival.  We speak increase, honour and impartation of revival fire over every Pastor and leader, over yourself, and over your community. And Pour It Out on the Sunshine Coast, we say YES! This is a season of revival fire.)

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