The Turkey Tsunami Warning System

WORD BY JODIE HUGHES |October 27, 2009
Pour It Out Ministries

Received early hours of 27 October 2009
(this dream continues on from a dream I received 16 April 2009 which can be read at To gain a full understanding I recommend you read the previous tsunami dream)

I and many others were in a huge house/complex just near the beachfront. There was lots of activity going on there. People were coming and going. There was buying and selling of land taking place. It felt a bit like a school of some kind, but largely adults were there. Everyone was busy coming and going. Something was going on inside but I’m not sure what.

At one point a lady I was familiar with (but unsure who she was) bought some of the land that was for sale from the complex/school. The land was being sectioned off and she bought a section right on the beachfront. I remember thinking, “why would she buy there? When the tsunami comes it will be wiped out!” It seemed pointless & stupid to build any kind of structure there because it would be ruined when the wave came. She seemed determined to build there anyway and so I just walked off.

She invented a strange device to protect her property and the structure she was building. It was a strange tsunami warning system that was placed out in the waves where they first break and gave early warning of any forthcoming tsunami. It was evident that much time and thought had gone into making this device and system. It was very elaborate and clever in its design.

The device was a glass type funnel (similar to a buoy, except hollow and see-through), that was at least ½ meter in diameter. It was open at the top and bottom allowing water to come in and out, and floated in the water somehow. Once it was in the ocean floating, the lady placed a dead turkey (like a frozen turkey – plucked with no head) inside the device and it floated inside it. The turkey just floated and bobbed in the waves inside the device out in the ocean.

The idea was that when the water level rose, as in when a tsunami was hitting our shores, that the turkey would be pushed up out of the device by the rising water level and the turkey would then float on the waves. (this was an elaborate system that worked very well in the dream). When the people saw the turkey floating & bobbing on the waves they knew a tsunami was on its way and that was the alert to quickly run away to safety. Much faith was put in this clever device to protect property and life.

Then, I watched as a large wave came toward our shores. The turkey tsunami warning system was triggered and the turkey was pushed out into the waves. Everyone immediately started running everywhere in panic to get out of its way. I watched as the wave hit our shore and smashed into everything, but it strangely didn’t do too much damage. There was a lot of mess and some structures needed fixing, but it ultimately caused minor disruption. Most of the problems were cleaned up quite quickly.

All the people were able to run to safety even though it had been scary. Everyone was really pleased with themselves and their own wisdom and intelligence for creating such a device and warning system that now saved them from tsunamis. They felt safe to go back to the beachfront and clean up their property knowing that the turkey warning system would alert them to any future danger in sufficient time. They indeed did just that, returning the turkey to the tsunami warning system, and life quickly returned to normal. They thought they were now safe.

I “knew” however that their was another wave coming. And this was HUGE! It was imminent. It was soon. Sooner than anyone suspected. And it was larger than anyone could imagine. It was a HUGE wave of unprecedented proportions and I knew it would destroy everything in its path, including the turkey warning system.

What struck me was that the people thought they were safe. They had just seen the turkey warning system work and they put their faith in it working again. However, they were not safe! There was another wave coming that made all the other waves look like the normal ebb & flow! The turkey system would not work as a tsunami warning system as they supposed. This was especially true because they put the device just out past where the waves started to break up until now. It needed to be out much deeper as the next wave was not like the previous. What was coming cannot be measured by what we know and what we’ve already experienced so far! Our human structures cannot measure it, nor will they stand in the path of it.

Meanwhile, more activity was going on in the complex and around the beachfront. It was busy, busy. I don’t know what was going on but lots was happening. Life went on as usual even though the wave was imminent.

(Once again, I believe there is further meaning to this and I release what God has downloaded to me thus far for urgent consideration. Much of this dream is self explanatory and so I am responding to some specific things I believe God is drawing particular attention to. I believe this is a continuation, an update if you like, from the Tsunami dream God gave me 16 April 2009. This dream was for Australia and NZ in particular however this coming wave covered the whole planet, and is therefore relevant to the wider ‘church’. For ease of writing, where I say Australia, both Australia and NZ are implied. Much of this is written with prophetic imagery and must be read with this in mind.)

There have already been some waves of revival (or awakening if you like) hitting the shores of Australia and NZ. Even in recent months there has been an acceleration of what God has been releasing over our nation and hunger is building. Many in the church have been busy getting ready for what they sense God is doing. There is an expectation of something new.

As these waves have hit our shores they have caused some disruption and mess. Its even caused some rethinking to existing structures and programmes. There have been some who have ran out of the way of the wave for fear of getting hurt in the wash up. Many have moved into new ground. Many have also experienced God’s favour, presence and power in new levels, and then watched in disbelief as some have carried on as “normal” and little has changed as a result. Some people have responded with a renewal and expansion of their minds, and many others have not. There has been a real sifting going on in the church… and this will continue.

These waves are intended to prepare us. We have learnt much in this time of preparation but there is still more.

There is indeed a move of God coming that is unprecedented in its reach and power. And it will come suddenly. Be excited. Be ready.

There are some very real warnings in this dream however;

The Turkey warning system:
The turkey and the turkey warning system are the most striking images in the entire dream. They are a powerful image that God is using to warn us that we are in danger of setting up an idol in our midst. The dead turkey is symbolic of the foolish words and actions and deeds of man. It represents human knowledge placed higher than trust in God. The turkey warning system speaks loudly of our tendency to place emphasis on human knowledge over and above Holy Spirit directives.

There is a warning that we must relinquish complete control of our lives and churches to God to be positioned correctly for this coming wave. Total 100% surrender, even at personal cost, is the only way to be prepared for what God is about to unleash. In our churches we must relinquish trust in our structures and even our own giftings, (even if we have only deviated in a small way), and place it 100% back in the Holy Spirit. This misplaced trust has provided a false sense of safety & security, when many are really only putting faith in their own abilities to run church and not in God.

Many have congratulated themselves for their cleverness in “running” church as they have achieved much and this is good. However, what is not good is becoming reliant in our own abilities.

On an individual level, if we think God will move as he has done before and therefore judge everything “new” by what we have experienced so far, we risk closing ourselves off. The very concept of “new” is that it is new. Our mindsets therefore must allow for God to break in beyond what we know and allow new seed to germinate and come to maturity.

In a very real sense we need to “suspend” our “right to fully understand” for a time and hand over the controls of our lives and churches so that God can truly do a new thing without us (and our old mindsets) getting in the way. (Of course the bible is our guide and should remain so. It will not provide specific examples of all that God is about to do however as we will “do even greater works”.)

It needs to be stated that the ONLY way to be “safe” and positioned well to ride this next move of God when this tsunami hits is to be completely surrendered to God (ie out deep in the ocean past where the waves break). Creating a man-made tsunami warning system with a dead turkey speaks graphically of human foolishness to think we can control this move through human wisdom and effort. This only creates counterfeit security and keeps us continuing to build and play on the shorefront, when we should be urging our people to swim out deep… and promptly.

This turkey warning system is useless. Not only was it a turkey in the warning system… but it was a dead turkey! When the tsunami wave hits even the turkey warning system will be destroyed. All that is not God breathed will not be able to stand when this tsunami hits. We have a choice now. Total surrender, or keep building turkey warning systems.

Warning against drowsiness:
Interestingly, a turkey contains a chemical called tryptophan that it is said when eaten induces sleepiness. Although this is unproven scientifically, it is widely believed by popular culture to be true.

When we place trust in ourselves over God and refuse to relinquish control of our lives and churches to God we symbolically eat the turkey… and this induces a comatose over the body of Christ. We risk falling asleep even as the tsunami draws near!!! This is not a time to be drowsy and slow to react. We must WAKE UP and be fully alert. There is a call to AWAKEN and rise up now.

The trumpet of awakening is being blown. Now is our hour. There are many hearing this sound and waking from their stupor. God is commissioning the forerunners in this hour. Wake up. Now is our hour. Australia – wake up.

God’s Warning System:
God has a warning system in place that is quite different. As I read the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States Department of Commerce) website which gives advice on tsunamis and the effectiveness of Tsunami warning systems, it says the following:

“If you feel violent shaking for several minutes, head for higher ground. The earthquake is your warning.”
(taken from>)

God intends for us to be in tune with his Spirit. If we feel violent shaking in the earth… in the body of Christ… THIS is our warning. The earthquake is our warning. The shaking in our churches is our warning. The shaking in the spirit is our warning. The shaking is the warning that a tsunami is coming. We should not wait for any man made tsunami warning systems to sound an alert… this will be too late. The shaking is our queue from God that he is about to unleash something new and titanic in proportion. It is the intention that we immediately come to attention and get ready. We must be in tune with his Spirit to hear what the Spirit is saying and know when there are shakings going on around us, as this is the alarm that a Tsunami is coming!

There are shakings going on all over our nation and in the wider body of Christ. Shake off your old mindsets because they cannot contain the new. Get Ready. The tsunami is coming.

1 Cor 2:9
“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him… but God has revealed it to us by his Spirit.”

Let us be in tune with your Spirit Lord. And let us not reject the “new” simply because it is new and we have no grid for it yet.

A tsunami of unprecedented power and presence and glory is heading toward our shores. It is important to be completely surrendered to God in this season to ride the coming wave. We must guard our hearts against pride and self reliance, and be fully awakened to all that God is doing and about to do. We cannot trust in what we think we know. We can only trust in God as what we “know” is about to be grown and expanded beyond what we can imagine presently.

This requires complete and total surrender to the Holy Spirit. We are entering a season of incredible pouring out of something new. If we try and understand it completely as God begins moving it will limit our thinking and ability to grow. His Spirit must lead us into all truth. Our minds need to be renewed so that we can see, hear and know the unique work that he is doing in this hour.

It is important to relinquish control and not squash what He is raising up before it comes to maturity. God is about to take back his church, smashing all that is not God-breathed. However, this will be uneasy times for some as people are repositioned and realigned, and church structure is rearranged. Intimacy will increase however as many throw themselves deeper into God knowing surrender to Him is their only true security.

Many have grown tired and fallen asleep despite the pressing hour and are at risk of missing the wave or indeed having the full force of the wave coming upon them. However, those that can embrace and ride this wave (and the precursor waves) are about to encounter unprecedented breakthrough and power as this tsunami sweeps over our nation and beyond and completely blows our mind with His Greatness. What he is about to do is greater than we can imagine.

Get Ready. A tsunami is coming! But be not mistaken, in these days there is a very real decision to be made. Will we go all the way – or will we hold back.

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries

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