A Door of Hope is Open

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“Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her. There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor (often translated troubles) to a door of hope.”
Hosea 2:14-15

The very place of troubles is being transformed into a pathway leading to restitution. I see a doorway of hope being opened even now for those feeling surrounded on all sides by troubles and pressure, even persecutions. There is a way forward where there seems no way. I see a doorway of hope being laid out before you that leads to breakthrough and a shift in perspective. This pathway opening up is one of fresh clarity with vision that revives and refreshes. Tangible hope, solutions and provision will flow with new ease. God opportunities are being revealed that will lead to restoration of that which has been depleted and decimated in the season of “troubles”.

Seeds of hope are being planted in the midst of struggle and hard circumstances bringing good news for struggling hearts. The very place of hopelessness will be transformed into new fertile ground that produces harvest. Start speaking life over the dry and broken places as its from these places and seasons that new opportunity will appear transforming fruitless vineyards into a place of productivity and profit yet again.  Tend these precious first buds of hope with care, and feed them well.

God would say to you where this past season has squeezed life from you, and circumstances have threatened to smother in on you, that the season is now shifting. Look up and see the doors that are opening even now. Look up and see the shifting season.  Your circumstances will paralyse you if you look at them, and so its crucial to focus on God’s tender voice over and above what surrounds you.  It is from the place of almost ruin, that the Father is revealing new strategies and hope filled blueprints of fresh productivity and harvest that lifts you into breakthrough. The Father remembers your fruitful vineyards that have become a memorial to past dreams, and He has heard and held the cry of your heart as precious intercession. His heart is moved toward you. Angelic hosts are coming to your aid. The Father is tenderly leading you into new beginnings and asks for your childlike trust. You can trust his voice and you can trust that He is providing a way out and a way forward.  A solution is available even where none seems logical or possible.

We speak the door to hope open before you. God opportunities are presenting themselves to you and will be confirmed in tender ways to your heart.  Hope is the door into new harvest. Rise up, decree life and let hope flourish.

Even in a hard space that you have outgrown and know is over, courage is required to take the path provided and boldly step into the new. Hope will stir strength in you.  God is tenderly speaking courage to move from hopelessness into hope. Bravely rise into your new season as the door is open before and its name is hope.  New beginnings and restitution of new for old lay before you.

A prayer over you today:
“Father, we receive the hope of heaven right now into our minds and heart, and thank you for increasing expectation of new beginnings and fresh harvest. We speak peace to every thought bringing confusion and doubt and lean into Your peace. Open my eyes Father to new perspectives you are releasing, new pathways of resourcing and solutions, and new doorways leading to upgrade of breakthrough. May I sense your tender leading and know your tender presence in the midst of my circumstances today, whilst receiving increasing hope for my tomorrow. Lord, Heal my heart of the disappointment and pain of dry seasons, broken dreams, and areas of loss. I lean into abundant joy, rising hope, and tangible goodness flowing increasingly into every sphere of my life and all I influence. Thank you for pathways of provision, a doorway to restitution and opportunities that bring a harvest from the midst of pain. I walk through the door of HOPE before me, and receive this bubbling hope of knowing you are good, and you are releasing goodness over me. Thank you Father, I love you…. I surrender my heart to your tender care.” Amen.

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