We want to invite you to join our ONLINE REVIVAL HUB. 

What will this look like?
  • Regular exclusive online broadcasts, worship, training and equipping. (Monthly at a minimum)
  • Online Revival Prayer Meetings
  • Co-ordinated synchronized evangelistic outreaches across every city where our hub members live. 
  • Membership in our Pour It Out App exclusive messaging group. 
  • Invitation to be a part of our teams at large Pour It Out events such as RevivalFest.
  • 10% discount off all Pour It Out products and resources. 

Is there a cost?
This is available to anyone who is a financial Partner of Pour It Out Ministries at $11.11 per month or more.

Pour It Out Ministries has been broadcasting ONLINE CHURCH and REVIVAL meetings since 2012. As well as our own services, we have hosted weekly ONLINE prayer and equipping meetings for GOD TV for more than 2.5 years and have a weekly Television Show that reaches over 500 million homes every single week. We have seen many thousands of people make decisions for Jesus, be healed and equipped through media. And we are so excited for this new and exciting initiative to connect, fellowship, equip and reach the lost through the power of Media. 


1. Please fill out the registration form below.
2. Please fill out the giving form below for $11.11 or more per month and  selecting the "ONLINE REVIVAL HUB" from the drop down fund menu.
3. Wait for confirmation email, and you are in!